With no first-round pick ahead of 2023 NBA Draft, Bulls to leverage on $215 Million asset trade

With the much-awaited NBA draft beginning on Thursday in New York City, Chicago Bulls have found themselves in a rough patch. To make things completely clear, the team has got zero picks till now. 

Unfortunately for Chigaco, they are set to witness the first draft since 2005 that they will not be a part of. This is because the management traded all their draft stocks in the past few years and are now left with none. 

The team had three draft picks for their 2023 campaign, but all of them are lost to trades or penalties. 

Bulls to part with Zach LaVine

Even though there is very little time left, the Bulls can still consider the aspect of trade in case nothing works out. The top four in the draft: San Antonio, Charlotte, Houston, and Portland, are impossible nuts to crack.

However, there is no denying the fact that the pros and cons must be weighed. There can easily be more harm done than good when hasty decisions are taken. 

NBA Draft

The only option that remains is to trade, and Zach LaVine looks like the most viable contender. In that case, sources have revealed, Chicago is valuing the player highly. LaVine has played 8 years in the league already, and the Bulls plan on roping in a good young player.

Moreover, the star player could also get the team multiple first-round picks. 

Bulls to have no first-round picks following trade with Magic in 2021

The Bulls traded their only first-round pick with Orlando Magic for Nikola Vučević back in 2021. This package would fall in the NBA draft 2023 and cost the team their precious pick this year. 

NBA Draft
Zach LaVine.

The second-round pick was given away to the Wizards, in exchange for Tomás Satoranský and a 2022 pick. Another second-round pick was held by Chicago, which was nullified due to malpractice. The team had tampered with the procedure of acquiring Lonzo Ball while dealing with the Pelicans. 

Chicago Bulls are planning to let go of  Zach LaVine just one year into their 5-year contract. This move might prove detrimental because the baller posted 24.8 points per game last season. Zach also improved his abilities as a defender significantly. 

LaVine is an ideal trade candidate, as he will fetch Chicago the best and thus has already been shopped out to multiple teams across the league. Nonetheless, it may be unlikely to let go of a star player so easily.

What do you think about a trade deal to get a place in the drafts? Will it be worth it in the end?


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