49ers QB Brock Purdy starts new chapter in life with engagement announcement to volleyball star Jenna Brandt

In a heartwarming announcement, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy has revealed an exciting new chapter in his life.

Purdy recently shared the news of his engagement to volleyball star Jenna Brandt, marking a significant milestone for the talented athlete. As fans and fellow players offer their congratulations, this announcement sheds light on the personal lives of professional athletes and reminds us of the joy and fulfillment they find beyond the football field. Purdy’s engagement serves as an inspiring example.

Brock Purdy announces engagement with volleyball star

The San Francisco 49ers have been grappling with their quarterback situation throughout the offseason, with the spotlight on starter Brock Purdy’s torn UCL injury suffered in the NFC Championship Game. However, Purdy recently made headlines for a different reason.

Purdy has sent waves of excitement throughout the NFL community with his recent engagement announcement. The talented athlete took to Instagram to share the news of his engagement to volleyball star Jenna Brandt, signaling a new chapter in his personal life. Alongside a heartfelt message and his proposal, Purdy expressed his love and excitement for their future together.

The announcement attracted an outpouring of love and congratulations from his teammates, including legendary 49ers player Jerry Rice, who celebrated the cheerful occasion in the comments on the social media platform.

The previous year has been rocky for Purdy, as he went from being the final pick in the 2022 NFL Draft to playing as a rookie, leading the team to the NFC Championship Game. While his readiness for Week 1 remains uncertain, Purdy’s recovery progress appears promising, and now he has an additional reason to celebrate off the field.

Purdy’s engagement not only brings personal happiness but also serves as a source of inspiration for fans and teammates alike. It showcases the resilience and determination of a young quarterback who continues to navigate both the challenges of the game and the joys of life’s milestones.

Who is volleyball star Jenna Brandt?

Throughout his rookie season, Brock Purdy had the unwavering support of his biggest fan, Jenna Brandt, as he led the San Francisco 49ers to an impressive victory over the Buccaneers in December 2022. Brandt, a former volleyball player at Iowa State and the University of Northern Iowa, cheered on Purdy from the sidelines as he showcased his talents on the field.

The couple made their relationship Instagram official in November 2022, with Brandt posting a series of cozy photos alongside the caption “My roots and my boy.” Purdy, clearly smitten, responded with “My girl!” The pair’s collegiate years overlapped at Iowa State from 2018 to 2020 before Brandt transferred to Northern Iowa

Brock Purdy

Born on October 26, 1999, to parents Amy and Kevin Brandt, Jenna comes from an athletic family. Her older sister, Kaylyn, played volleyball for UMKC. Her younger sister, Morgan, recently earned a spot on the Iowa State volleyball team.

As Purdy and Brandt’s relationship blossomed under the spotlight, their connection gained attention. However, it was Purdy’s impressive performance, defeating the legendary Tom Brady in his first start, that bought him into the limelight.


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