Aaron Rodgers makes hilarious response to Jets QB Zach Wilson’s “hell in practice” quip: “I’m going to make his life heaven off the field”

Aaron Rodgers is now entirely Jets material after a long-awaited and successful trade. Even though the trade pleased all parties involved, it appears that Jets quarterback Zach Wilson may not be pleased because his place as the team’s starting quarterback may have become precarious following the arrival of the four-time MVP.

Wilson was chosen by the team in the second round of the 2021 NFL Draft, behind a number of other highly skilled quarterbacks, but he was unable to deliver on his on-field promise. Rumors that the team was looking to add another veteran quarterback surfaced as a result of the quarterback’s subpar performance as a starter. Interestingly, the 23-year-old dismissed all possibilities by saying “Yeah, I’m going to make that dude’s life hell in practice everyday.”

Jets introduce Aaron Rodgers at press conference after trade

What did Aaron Rodgers state in response to his new teammates’ threat?

A-rod spent 18 years in Green Bay, 15 of those as the Packers’ starting quarterback, and he enjoyed a successful career as a starting quarterback. His overall career record is 150-79-1. Hearing the statement made by his teammates, the person with a record-breaking career just laughed. The former Packers responded to Wilson’s statement in his own way on Wednesday at his first press conference.

“He’s going to make my life hell in practice . . . and I’m going to make his life heaven off the field,” he said.

In 2022, during a Jets and Packers joint practice, Aaron and Zach first met. ZW claimed to be a huge fan of Rodgers at the time and to frequently attempt to imitate his quarterbacking style. Now that the two players are on the same team, Wilson will have many opportunities to watch the four-time MVPs play closely.

Through his statement, the 39-year-old may have intended to forge a close bond with Wilson and impart to him the knowledge and abilities that the former Packer used to succeed in his career.

What Do You Expect From Zach Wilson and Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau Field?

Throwing 475 touchdown passes and 105 interceptions, Rodgers has the best touchdown-to-interception ratio in NFL history. He was named to the Pro Bowl in 2009, 2011–12, 2014–16, and 2018–21. He also received four first-team AP All-Pro nods. Obviously, the superstar has a lot to set an example for his teammates.

Time will tell how Wilson can make use of AR’s excellent QB style and establish a strong rapport with him both on and off the field.


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