Aaron Rodgers officially reveals his new jersey number for Jets drawing mockery from NFL fans: “8 for the amount of games he will win”

The former quarterback for the Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers has officially revealed his new jersey number for the upcoming season with the New York Jets, leading the fans to take subtle jabs at Rogers’ previous struggles on the field and his likelihood of success with the Jets.

Aaron‘s trade saga finally reached a conclusion as the Packers successfully traded their long-time quarterback to the Jets for the No. 13, No. 42 (second round), and No. 207 (sixth round) picks in the 2023 NFL Draft after spending 18 seasons with the franchise.

What will the Jersey number of Aaron Rodgers be in the Jets?

The Jets’ new QB Aaron Rodgers will be seen donning No. 8 with the Jets in 2023, the number he wore in college with the California Golden Bears, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The four-time MVP wore the same No. 12 jersey throughout his tenure with the Packers, however, for the Jets, the number has always belonged to the incredible quarterback Joe Namath, the only QB to lead the franchise to a Super Bowl championship in the 1968 season.  However, Namath didn’t halt back from granting permission to Rodgers to bring his jersey out of retirement, albeit the former Packers QB seems indifferent to grabbing the chance and starting anew with a new number.

“I’m a big Rodgers fan, and I noticed that he wears number 12, of course. I’m thinking, well man, if we get him on our side, is he still going to wearing number 12? Because the number was retired years ago,” Namath stated while appearing on the “Tiki & Tierney” show.

The ex-Jets QB later openly granted the ownership of his number to Aaron and expressed his excitement to witness him donning the jersey.

“Well, this is what I’m saying, it’s on ownership. It’s different ownership. It’s different people. And I’d sure love Rodgers, if he’s there, I want him to wear his number”, he added.

The 18-year NFL veteran donned No. 12 at Pleasant Valley High School and No. 4 as a Butte Community College football team member before getting enrolled in the Packers’ roster.

Many fans on social media have taken the chance to poke fun at the 39-year-old’s new jersey number.

One fan tweeted the ex-Packers should have accepted Namath’s blessing by wearing his jersey.

A user mockingly predicted the jersey number as the number of matches Aaron will win for the team this year.


One user tweeted A-Rod badly wants to be like the Minnesota Vikings’ No. 8 Kirk Cousins.

An admirer stated it would be weird to see Rodgers in anything but the No. 12 jersey.

Some fans projected the Jets’ upcoming misery by adding the 10-time Pro Bowler to the squad.

Despite the mockery, some admirers are on cloud nine to witness their favorite QB play with his new team and are eager to see what he can accomplish in the upcoming season. As the new season approaches, it remains to be seen whether the four-time passer rating leader’s new number will be a lucky charm or a target for further ridicule.

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