After shinning in NBA Summer League, Spurs Victor Wembanyama set to link up with Wizards Kyle Kuzma as brand ambassador for $30M energy drink

Victor Wembanyama, who impressed during the NBA Summer League, is teaming up with Washington Wizards’ Kyle Kuzma as brand ambassadors. Their collaboration has sparked curiosity and intrigue, leaving fans and industry insiders eager to learn more. With Wembanyama’s rapid ascent in the league and Kuzma’s established presence, this partnership holds significant potential.

The details surrounding their brand ambassador roles remain undisclosed, creating an air of anticipation. As these two dynamic players join forces, their collaboration promises to make waves in the world of sports and marketing.

Victor Wembanyama’s endorsement in energy drink

Victor Wembanyama, the talented rookie of the San Antonio Spurs, has landed his first major endorsement deal with Barcode worth $30M, a plant-based sports energy drink co-founded by fellow NBA player Kyle Kuzma. The announcement has generated excitement and speculation among fans and the industry. As the face of Barcode, Victor joins Kuzma in promoting the brand and its products.

Kuzma took to social media to express his enthusiasm for having Wemby on board, referring to him as his “little BIG brother” and emphasizing their partnership in building the Barcode brand. The endorsement deal marks an important milestone for Wemby, and it is expected to open doors to additional sponsorship opportunities.

Given Victor’s rising star status, it is likely that more local endorsements will follow. Local businesses, including taco joints, are anticipated to seek his representation, hoping to capitalize on his popularity. Fans can look forward to potential collaborations, such as a Spurs H-E-B commercial featuring Wembanyama acquiring ingredients for breakfast tacos.

Victor Wembanyama’s performance at NBA Summer League

The highly anticipated French rookie of the San Antonio Spurs made an impact during his NBA Summer League debut in Las Vegas. Wemby expressed his rookie status and eagerness to learn. Wemby acknowledged his lack of experience but remained optimistic about his growth and readiness for the upcoming season.

In the second game, Victor showed significant improvement, bouncing back from a shaky debut. Wemby displayed his skills with a strong performance, contributing 27 points, 12 rebounds, and 3 blocks. Despite the Spurs’ loss, Victor’s performance showcased his potential and garnered praise from his teammates and coaches.

The rookie expressed his desire to continue improving and getting comfortable with his game and body. He acknowledged the whirlwind of non-basketball activities surrounding the NBA Draft and Summer League, highlighting his focus on basketball and his dedication to becoming a better player.

Wembanyama’s presence at the NBA Summer League generated excitement among fans, with capacity crowds attending his games. The rookie had the opportunity to interact with legends such as Abdul-Jabbar and Thomas, who praised his talent and encouraged him to find his role in contributing to a winning effort.


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