Zion Williamson makes surprise appearance at NBA Summer League to show support for Pelicans teammate

Even though Zion Williamson is dealing with ailments, weight problems, and allegations of adult film star infidelity, at least one of his New Orleans Pelicans colleagues is hoping for a successful comeback for the former top draft selection.

Williamson was open about his challenges with his new diet, even though he is embracing LeBron James’ training routine this offseason. The Pelicans player talked openly about his current workout routine while making an unexpected cameo at NBA Summer League as he prepares to rejoin the New Orleans roster this season and hopefully avoid an injury.

Zion Williamson arrives with the backup of his Pelicans teammate

NBA teams and teammates generally do get along pretty well. The basketball buddies even support one another during good times and bad. When a player is having a hard time due to an injury or issues in their personal or professional lives, this support network is crucial.

Zion Williamson the New Orleans Pelicans power forward is receiving exactly this kind of assistance from his 6’5″ tall colleague when he happened to be at the NBA Summer League to cheer on his mates. Zion is in the news once more, not for his injuries, but rather for a rumor that could lead to a disagreement. Yet, Larry Nance Jr. has publicly defended his teammate.

He is very critical of the Twitter user who first charged Williamson with not practicing the maneuvers. “Zanos” has recently been under fire for allegedly lacking passion while focussing on moves like pull-up jumpers, floating, under layups, and up layups. There were allegations that he didn’t like his playing positions in the game, as well.

However, Larry Nance is not the only authority figure to back Williamson online. Earlier, when Zion’s relationship with Moriah Mills became public, Oscar-winning producer Van Lathan stood by him.

Zion Williamson discusses dieting Issues

Because of his lack of conditioning, Zion has occasionally had trouble recovering from injuries, and some of his injuries have even been linked to it. Williamson, who is listed at 6’6″ and 285 pounds, is one of the NBA’s most distinctive players because of the size of his physique and his capacity to play above the rim. The 23-year-old power forward was questioned on the podcast, “is it hard for you to diet?”

Williamson responded, “It’s hard, man, I’m 20, 22, have all the money in the world — well, it feels like all the money in the world. it’s hard.” Nonetheless, he continued by saying he is now relying on more experienced allies to support him.

Zion Williamson

“I’m at that point now, because of certain things, I’m putting back the wisdom around me. I don’t want to say older because they get defensive, but I’m putting people around me with wisdom. put me on game to certain things. and just go from there,” declared Williamson.

Last season, he only made 29 appearances. Overall, the contribution of Zion Williamson was highly erratic, he participated in the first three games, missed the next two, played eight, missed the next three, played in the next 14 games, missed the next three, and ultimately played four games before being out for the season.

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