Andrew Bogut reveals the nasty hush-money trend in NBA following Zion Williamson scandal

Any extra-marital relationship is by its very nature dysfunctional and so is the Zion Williamson scandal. The former NBA center Andrew Bogut has experienced this before. ‘AB’ said on the last fortnight’s iteration of his “Rogue Bogues” podcast that this incident “is not a one-off” in the league when speaking about the explosive fallout.

The aftereffect from ‘Zanos‘ and his alleged girlfriend’s pregnancy disclosure last week when the New Orleans Pelicans forward was eventually called out by numerous women who claimed to have had close-knit relations with the All-Star.

Former Bucks center spills the bean on Zion scandal 

Regarding the fresh-on-the-scene Zion Williamson scandal,

“If you think this is a one-off in the NBA, you’re very wrong, you’re very wrong. This is a common occurrence on many teams I’ve been to, this is a common occurrence among the league, where there are different relationships and that’s how they have their relationships, some know about it, some don’t, but this is not something you need to be shocked about because it happens a lot,” Bogut, who is 38, stated.

“Unfortunately, the stupidity of that is that tap cannot get turned off … Once you’re paying a girl or a man — this could go either way these days — to be your side piece, the moment you stop paying that side piece your wife’s going to find out about it. That’s just the way the world works,” he declared.

“I’m not always saying it’s not the player’s fault cause it takes two to tango, but the fact the media loves this stuff, I hate it, he added.”

I think it’s disgusting to do this, but if you’re Zion you got to be smarter than that, man. You just can’t be doing that stuff,” he stated. This month, a social media star named Ahkeema said she was expecting a girl with the former first-overall choice, which caused the controversy around Williamson, 22, to intensify.

Moriah Mills, a former adult film star, said in a Twitter tirade shortly after the pregnancy news broke that she and the former Duke product had just done the dirty, which led to the breakout of the Zion Williamson scandal.

According to Bogut, Pelicans star’s controversy far from surprising

Andrew Bogut, a former NBA champion, claims that the controversy surrounding Zion Williamson and porn star Moriah Mills is a typical occurrence in the league. He goes on to say that there are women employed as side chicks by players, and he knows this for a fact.


On his Rogue Bogues podcast, Bogut made a number of insightful comments. ‘Zanos’ purported activities had caused a stir, but he rejected it by saying. “So the moment you’re like, ‘Holy sh*t, I’ve retired, I can’t keep paying you 20K a month to be my side piece cause I can’t afford it anymore,’ that’s going to go public. That’s just the reality of the world.

I saw it mainly in silence in the NBA, some people that I played with and against that were paying people off and what not and this and that, it’s normal, bro, I have to say it’s normal.”

Before retiring in 2020, Bogut, who started his NBA career in 2005 with the Bucks and eventually played for the Cavaliers, Mavericks, Warriors, and Lakers, spoke on accountability in the current situation of the Zion Williamson scandal.

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