Alabama basketball player Darius Miles charged with capital murder after fatal shooting in Tuscaloosa

Yesterday, the Alabama University Boulevards’ bar ‘The Strip’ witnessed a fatal shooting involving Alabama University men’s basketball player Darius Miller.

Around 2 a.m. yesterday morning, an unprecedented shootout shattered the silence in the campus area. Police rushed to the shooting scene after it was reported that a driver was caught in the crossfire and fired back in self-defense. However, he managed to hit a perpetrator while escaping with the deceased victim, Jamea Jonae Harris.

Jamea Jonae Harris
Jamea Jonae Harris, 23, was shot to death on the Strip in Tuscaloosa. She leaves behind a 5-year-old son, Kaine. (credit:

How did Darius Miller get involved in the shooting?

As per the witness, the 21-year-old athlete and his companion, 20-year-old Michael Lynn Davis of Maryland, were seen to have an argument with the 23-year-old single mother, Jamea Jonae. The police retrieved the video footage from the surveillance camera.

On Sunday afternoon, Tuscaloosa police apprehended Darius for the capital murder while the culprit was seen yelling, “I love you. I love you more than you can imagine.”

Darius had been ruled out for the rest of the season due to an ankle injury the day before the incident. He only played six games for the Crimson Tide this season. According to scouting reports, he was regarded as a promising young star.

What did the authority have to say about Darius Miller?

The university released a statement regarding the incident, saying, “We were made aware of the recent charge against student-athlete Darius Miles; he has been removed from campus and is no longer a member of the Alabama men’s basketball team.”

The Tuscaloosa Violent Crimes Unit’s commander, Capt. Jack Kennedy, is supervising the whole case. He also revealed some information to the reporters about the incident’s details.

darius miller
University of Alabama basketball player Darius Miles is one of two suspects charged with capital murder in a predawn deadly shooting on the Strip in Tuscaloosa. (credit:

The Alabama Athletics Department also issued a statement regarding the incident: “We were made aware of the recent charge against student-athlete Darius Miles, and he is no longer a member of the Alabama men’s basketball team. Athletics, in conjunction with the university, is fully cooperating with this investigation.”

The victim Harris was a young, loving family person, as per her mother. She was enjoying the weekend with her cousins and boyfriend on the night of her murder. It seems Miller and his drunk friend tried to make inappropriate contact with the victim, but as she refused, the culprits committed the crime.


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