“And it doesn’t f—ing stop” Ben Simmons admits social media criticism unavoidable

Ben Simmons has returned to the game after his long battle against injury and mental health issues. But things are not entirely smooth and sound as he keeps getting backlashes on social media. The star may find it annoying, but he is fully aware that everything comes as a package, and he cannot specifically avoid the consequences of being the center of attention.

In an interview with ESPN, Simmons expressed his resentment about social media criticism and said, “Even if I hit a shot, what are they going to say? ‘I still can’t.’ F—, I can’t make everybody happy, you know?”

He was asked by the reporter how he blocks out the noise that may distract him, to which Simmons responded that there is no way to actually block it, since it finds him all the time no matter what. But he doesn’t rant about it as he thinks that this is what it means to be a big name.

The Australian born star remarked, “Because people know what I can do, what I’m capable of. I believe that’s what it is. Like if I was somebody that wasn’t capable of doing certain things, I don’t think people would be on my ass as much.” He even said that the backlashes sometimes motivate and push him to do better.

He also clarified that the stuff on social media are most of the time baseless and untrue. “Even the other day there was a clip of me air balling a shot at the park. Meanwhile, like 10 guys air balled multiple shots.

“So it’s like people will find one clip and try to make it that everything — like Ben can’t do [this or that]. You think I’m just air balling every shot? It’s not true. But you got to have tough skin and I realize that, but I can’t take everything personally. It’s social media.” Ben said in the interview.

However, the NBA world is curious about Simmons’ performance in the preseason game as the star debuted for the Brooklyn Nets after a long break. Although Simmons was traded to the Nets last February, a back injury and mental health issues kept him off the court for the entire season.

Ben will soon be back on the top if he is in good health and co-operate with his teammates. What do you think of Ben Simmons’ performance in this season? Let us know in the comment!

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