Tom Brady kicks Grady Jarrett goes viral, NFL to impose punishment

The game between the Buccaneers and Atlanta Falcons that took place in Raymond James Stadium last Sunday has created a lot of buzz. Apparently, a controversial call on Grady Jarrett helped Tom Brady win the match. During Tampa Bay’s 21-15 victory over Atlanta on Sunday, Jarrett received a flag for throwing Brady to the ground. Brady attempted to kick Jarrett as both players were standing, but he missed.

Initially, Brady was wrapped by Jarrett before he rolled to the ground. He finished the sack by turning over after first making contact with the ground. Jarrett “unnecessarily” threw Brady to the ground, for which referee Jerome Boger called the penalty.

But the twist came later, as a video was circulated around the internet showing Brady trying to kick Grady. Although it wasn’t much of a successful kick, the clip clearly shows Brady trying to make it happen.

On basis of the post-review of the match, NFL has fined Brady an amount of $11,139 for attempting to kick Grady Jarrett, an ESPN Insider confirmed on twitter-

But the fans are not satisfied with the delayed penalty of Brady as it has already caused falcons to lose the match for the “unnecessary” call on Jarrett. The NFL and its referees were heavily criticized for making an imprudent decision because of the severe impact it had on the game.

Jarrett’s remark on the decision expressed his disappointment as he said, “You never know who will go down and make a crazy play. When people watch it to be entertained, they love to see some game-winning drives. And then when you do it the right way, that’s what makes it so frustrating because you did follow the rules.”

He goes on to explain the altercation and claims “In full speed, it may look more malicious than it really is because the refs are human as well, so let’s just take a little bit off the plate and be able to review something like that just for the defensive sake so we can get something.” 

The majority of the viewers are on the same boat as Jarrett. They are calling out the flagging Falcons’ defensive tackle and objecting that the league is trying to justify their bogus decision. Penalizing Brady after the Falcons already lost the match couldn’t make it up to the fans.

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