Andy Murray Clinches Remarkable Third Set Comeback vs Stefanos Tsitsipas at Wimbledon, Suffering Injury Scare Moments Before 11 pm Curfew

Former world number 1, Andy Murray destroyed fellow Brit, Ryan Penniston in 3 straight sets (6-3, 6-0, 6-1). In the second round of Wimbledon 2023, Andy has to go up against Stephanos Tsitsipas. However, the Sw19 club curfew put a pause on this power-packed match.

The ‘man made of metal’, Andy Murray has had to go through many injuries since the beginning of his career. Issues with his knee began even before he was 16 as Murray’s mother describes, “When Andy bends his knee, the bone looks like Kermit the Frog smiling”.

More recently, Murray had undergone hip resurfacing surgery in 2018. However, looks like this setback is not going to stop this legend, and tennis fans are looking forward to a cinematic comeback. 

Andy Murray wins third set with remarkable comeback at Wimbledon

For the second round of Wimbledon 2023, Andy was to go against the new age stunner, Tsitsipas. Both of these players displayed an elite level of tennis that led to tiebreakers in the first two sets. Each stroke by both of these players had monstrous power and the crowd was thoroughly entertained by the brilliance of these 2 top players

The Greek edged out Muzza in the first set tiebreaker and Andy gave a powerful comeback in the second set. With just 2 unforced errors in the entire second set, Muzza went on to quickly break a serve in the third set before the match was halted. 

This blockbuster match went on for about 3 whole hours. But the audience was left with a cliffhanger after the third set. The All England Club has a curfew of 11 p.m and this meant that fans had to wait to know if the new-gen player Tsitsipas would manage a sudden comeback and surpass the tennis legend, Andy Murray.

Andy Murray’s heroics astonish Wimbledon fans following ‘terrible’ scenes

Two and a half hours into the match, having finally broken the serve early on in the third set, the former World number one was leading. This is when Andy was seen stumbling and falling on the ground, screaming in pain. Andy Murray already had an established array of injuries so this fall worried fans quite a lot. But the tennis legend quickly turned things around by getting back up and winning the set. 

It appears this injury was nothing more than a scare for Andy Murray

Part of the Big 4 back in the day, Andy Murray has his share of entertaining matches and records. Although injuries in his knee, ankle, and hip seem to keep bothering him, Muzza has still been given the ability to push through. 

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