Tennis icon Roger Federer breaks down in tears during an Andrea Bocelli concert in Zurich

Roger Federer’s tryst with tennis continues to engage fans a year into the Swiss icon’s retirement. Far from retiring in a reserved fashion, Roger has continued to maintain contact with the sporting world through appearances at major events, giving interviews and staying up to date with fan mail.

The media has followed the Swiss maestro throughout his public appearances, and in a recent event, the 42-year-old was caught on camera shedding tears as he listened to an Italian music legend’s mellifluous tune.

Roger Federer cries at a Zurich Andrea Bocelli performance

Italian tenor musician Andrea Bocelli was recently in Zurich, Switzerland to perform in a concert. Among the crowd of classically minded fans was Roger Federer, who was handed a heartwarming surprise by the musician, one that had the 20-time grand slam champion unable to hold back his tears.

Before beginning his final number, “Nessun dorma” from Turandot by Giacomo Puccini (“Let no one sleep” in English), Bocelli invited Roger Federer on stage for the performance. The 65-year-old then dedicated the aria to Federer.

“Among us tonight is a living legend, Roger Federer. For me it’s an honor to dedicate the last aria to him, for the emotions he gave everyone,” Bocelli said. “I would like to have him here on stage.”

As Bocelli began rendering his mesmerising tune, Federer continuously wiped away his tears. It was a heartwarming gesture by an accomplished musician who had a famous fan unable to hold back his emotions.

Real reason behind Roger Federer’s emotional reaction

Roger Federer was touched by Andrea Bocelli’s gesture. Andrea, who is a blind virtuoso, shared a hug with Federer and once the concert was done the pair walked off stage together.

Roger Federer is a big fan of classical music and the clash of two disparate worlds – music and sports – on stage would have had Roger emotional with his recognition.

Several fans took to Twitter to share their opinions on this meeting of virtuosos.

“The Maestro of singing and the Maestro of tennis. Goosebumps…” one fan wrote on X.

“Legend recognizes Legend,” another fan added.

Federer was emotional during Bocelli's performance
Federer was emotional during Bocelli’s performance (Credits: Rolling Stone, Yardbarker)

Federer is currently busy with personal duties as a father, business ventures as an entrepreneur and an ambassador for various brands around the world. Not one to bid goodbye to the sport that brought him several accolades, fame and fortune, Federer has regularly spoken about how he misses the game and has hinted at a possible return in a non-playing role.

The 42-year-old was most recently seen at the 2023 Laver Cup and will continue to be a notable presence in the stadium during major tennis tournaments.

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