Antonio Brown’s unusual FSU campus encounter; strips to underwear, tosses pants with phone

Antonio Brown has had a stellar NFL career during his golden prime. Drafted by the Pittsburg Steelers in the 2010 NFL draft, AB went on to appear at Super Bowl XLV in his very debut season.

Regarded as one of the best WRs of the 2010s decade, Antonio Brown would then go on to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New England Patriots, and Pittsburgh Steelers in the league. Since announcing his retirement earlier this year, AB has made his way back to the headlines for completely bizarre reasons.

NFL fans recorded Antonio Brown stripped down to underwear at FSU campus

Since his retirement from professional football, Antonio Brown has started his journey in the music industry. Recently, AB made an appearance in Tallahassee following his rap concert at Potbelly’s, a famous hang-out space near Florida University State. 

Shortly after his performance, a video was posted online where NFL fans spotted Brown taking off his pants and throwing them to the crowd before getting into a vehicle in his underwear. 

The Former NFL wide receiver posted videos on his social media account, clearly enjoying his time as a rapper, with Florida State University students.  But his bizarre action after the concert took the internet in hilarious uproar.

Antonio Brown
Antonio Brown via: Googlepics

Although the concert started at 10 PM, Brown didn’t take the stage until midnight. His concert was advertised as an “unforgettable performance.” Given his popularity as an athlete and a former NFL professional, all tickets were sold out early.

Brown had an impressive NFL career recording 13,209 receiving yards, and 85 touchdowns, was a seven-time Pro Bowl selection, and won Super Bowl LV with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  

NFL fan found Antonio Brown’s phone in his pants 

Brown threw his pants in the crowd and with that, his phone as well.  

One NFL fan found Brown’s phone in his pockets which was recorded in the video listed below. 

“Dude I have Antonio Brown’s phone right now!”, the fan shouted, addressing Antonio Brown’s manager this time “Look, Antonio Manager. I have his phone right now and his pants.”

Antonio’s erratic behavior has been documented for the last few years and might be continued due to his chronic illness. 

The man has been diagnosed with CTE – Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, a progressive brain disease caused by multiple brain injuries. AB or his spokesperson is yet to respond to the incident.

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