Are Stephanie McMahon, Triple H considering divorce? Investigating the shocking buzz around WWE

Many wrestling fans have been taken aback by recent revelations about the relationship between Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, which many find hard to understand and upsetting since they believe it’s undeserved. Vince McMahon and Triple H, the WWE’s two main figures, are both dealing with heart ailments, causing stress within the McMahon family.

To make matters worse, Stephanie handed in her resignation a few months ago. Given these factors, some reports suggest they may be considering divorce after 20 years of living together under the same roof. However, due to the lack of an official declaration, people are still holding out hope.

Stephanie McMahon, Triple H reportedly considering divorce

After 11 years as WWE’s Chief Brand Officer, Triple H’s wife resigned on, to devote more time to her family. It was surprising that this accomplished woman would leave her position while her father and husband remained in theirs. Additionally, WWE and UFC were were contemplating significant innovations in the sports entertainment sector around the same time.

The inclusion of “family” in Vince’s daughter’s resignation letter has left fans and insiders wondering why she would make this decision. Following this, rumors about the state of Triple H and McMahon’s familial ties began circulating, suggesting that their relationship had deteriorated and might lead to divorce.

Stephanie McMahon

Throughout the 8 months of investigation, several stories, like those from Slice Wrestling, have been published about their separation. However, there is still no official proof that they are getting a divorce, especially considering that Stephanie and Triple H seem to be on good terms at WWE.

Stress and power conflicts inside WWE were reportedly the cause of their split. Although the two were already working in separate divisions of the corporation, there were no indications of marital strife during Stephanie’s smooth exit from WWE. Given Vince McMahon and Triple H’s history of cooperating well in WWE, rumors of a breach between the couple seem absurd.

Stephanie left WWE in January

To make room for Vince McMahon on the WWE Board of Directors, Stephanie McMahon quit her positions as Co-CEO and Chairwoman. “Our Founder, Vince McMahon, has returned as Executive Chair and is leading an exciting process about strategic alternatives,” she said at that time.

There were reportedly problems between Vince and Stephanie McMahon, and she quit after what seemed like an attempt to discredit her within WWE. Stephanie took a leave of absence in 2022 and came back when Vince wasn’t there. Dave Meltzer wrote in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that some people were upset that she was leaving.

Stephanie might come back sometimes, like her brother Shane McMahon, but she has more time for her family now. Until there is an official word from the two pros, however, no one should take the divorce rumors between Stephanie McMahon and Triple H seriously.


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