Austin Rivers claps back at Miles Bridges after the Hornets forward responded to LaMelo Ball assessment

Miles Bridges and LaMelo Ball were among the Charlotte Hornets’ rising stars, who quickly emerged as one of the most entertaining and exciting pairs in the league before Miles missed last season due to an assault allegation leveled against him by his girlfriend. This led to him facing criticism alongside his Hornets’ team by Austin Rivers, to which he responded.

However, Austin Rivers has recently clapped back at Miles Bridges’ response to LaMelo Ball’s comment, amid a court judgment surrounding Miles’ alleged assault case. The banter continues!

Miles Bridges responded to Rivers’ criticism

Austin Rivers caused a big argument when he criticized the Hornets for not supporting LaMelo Ball to harness his potential as a player. Rivers said, “Surround LaMelo Ball around fcking people that can help him tap into his potential, not deplete it… There are still teams that do it right. I don’t see this problem in OKC… That sht don’t fly there.” Posted at @ClutchPoints.

Miles Bridges took offense to Austin Rivers’ criticism of the Hornets for labeling All-Star LaMelo Ball with “troubled youth”. Many players, including Bridges, who missed the last season of the NBA due to domestic violence charges, were targeted by this. Bridges responded by criticizing Rivers in a Snapchat story.

Bridges said, “Y’all hoopers get on this podcast and talk like y’all really like that. Speaking on other teams like y’all know what’s going on and most of the people talking the most sh*t don’t play at all. We gone see about all that this year on me.”

Immediately after Bridges made his comments public, Rivers decided to reply by posting a tweet on Twitter/X. “Nah this can’t be about me. I’ve gotten good minutes on every team I have played on, with exception of last year. Situation matters..and I stand by what I said about Melo..straight up! He needs pieces around him with high character. Stop worrying about me and go be one again”

Rivers made a good point about the Hornets, but he said it in a way that would naturally annoy Bridges.

Bridges’ troubled past

Miles Bridges, a talented basketball player with a bright future, has had to deal with a troubled past. Bridges recently entered a not-guilty plea to a felony domestic violence allegation caused by an altercation involving his then-girlfriend in front of their two children.

Miles Bridges

The part of a plea agreement was the probation of three years they gave him instead of sending him to jail. Bridges who was present at the court made a no-contest plea. However, Bridges’ attorney and the DA’s office reached an agreement on Thursday that Bridges plead no contest.

However, some additional fines and punishment were added to the terms earlier stated, will face a three-year probation with specific requirements. He must complete 52 weeks of domestic violence counseling and parenting classes, do 100 hours of community service, and undergo weekly narcotics testing, permitting marijuana only with a doctor’s prescription. Ownership of guns, ammunition, or weapons is prohibited.

Additionally, he faces a $300 restitution fine (with a hearing set for Jan. 13) and a $500 domestic violence fine. He must adhere to a 10-year protective order, maintaining a 100-yard distance and no contact with the woman involved. The troubled past of Bridges just serves as a reminder that players also have a difficult time. And it doesn’t matter if they are successful or not.


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