Days after mediating online beef, Kyrie Irving switches role to relish hoop drama

Kyrie Irving is one of the best players in his position in the NBA owing to his stellar on-court performances. Irving has also been making impacts recently in his new-found off-season role, where he has taken it upon himself to settle disputes involving big names in the world of sports.

After he tried to mediate the ongoing dispute between Terrell Owens and popular sports analyst Stephen A. Smith which attracted praise from God Shammgod, the Mavericks star has now joined the ongoing social media drama involving Miles Bridges and Austin Rivers, albeit in an attempt to heighten the problem.

Kyrie Irving relishes Miles Bridges, Austin Rivers’ online spat

NBA All-Star guard Kyrie Irving is watching the ongoing feud between fellow players Miles Bridges and Austin Rivers with interest. The Dallas Mavericks player went to social media to share his playful thoughts on the situation, adding more excitement to it.

On a Twitter post from NBA Central that referred to the ongoing dispute between Miles Bridges and Austin Rivers, Irving commented, “Lol. Gotta love peer to peer hoop drama. @ who you’re talking about next time.”

Kyrie Irving
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The whole argument began when Rivers, during one of his recent interviews, suggested that Charlotte Hornets All-Star guard LaMelo Ball should have supportive people around him who can bring out his best rather than being surrounded by what he called “troubled youth.”

However, feeling targeted by the term “troubled youth,” Bridges who had missed the entire last season due to a felony domestic assault charge against his former girlfriend, responded by saying that players like Rivers, who aren’t part of the Hornets, shouldn’t be commenting on the team’s affairs.

Bridges however responded on Snapchat “Y’all hoopers get on these podcasts and talk like y’all really like that. Speaking on other teams like y’all know what’s going on…”

Though neither Rivers nor Bridges explicitly mentioned who they were talking about, it’s not too hard to figure it out. However, Kyrie Irving believes that a bit more direct confrontation would make the situation more interesting. From a purely entertaining perspective, it’s difficult to disagree with him.

Irving played peacemaker between Stephen A. Smith, Terrell Owens

The ongoing feud between sports analyst Stephen A. Smith and Terrell Owens has been happening for a while. The disagreement began because of an old ESPN video where Owens was seen making comments about Smith. This led to Smith responding sarcastically, and both parties started a back-and-forth exchange online. However, neither Owens nor Smith showed a willingness to end the dispute, and the exchange of comments continued.

Kyrie Irving
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Now it seems that Kyrie Irving has intervened in the dispute between Smith and Owens to try to make peace. He called out Smith and asked him to be more mature and resolve their issues without unnecessary social media drama. Smith responded politely, saying that he didn’t know the whole story.

Nevertheless, Stephen A. Smith acknowledged Kyrie’s efforts and wrote, “You’re right, bro! I’m man enough to admit that. I will step back.” This likely means that Smith is ending the feud from his side, and the credit for it can go to the Mavericks star.

Will Kyrie Irving play instigator or peacemaker in the ongoing dispute between Mikel Bridges and Austin Rivers? Share your thoughts with us below.


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