Sixers reportedly target Kawhi Leonard or Paul George to join forces with Joel Embiid despite injury scares

Joel Embiid, one of the league’s best big men, has been named an all-star multiple times and also won the 2023 NBA MVP. He is certainly one of the most skilled Centers to ever grace the sport of basketball.

Although one of the best of his trade, Embiid has been marred by injury concerns recently. Hence, the Sixers are looking for another superstar to partner up with him and fortify their championship aspirations.

NBA insider predicts potential superstar pairing for Sixers

If things go right, fans could watch the “Fun Guy” Kawhi Leonard, or “Playoff P” Paul George team up with superstar Joel Embiid. The Sixers have reportedly targeted Kawhi Leonard or Paul George to join forces with Joel Embiid in a rather interesting move.

ESPN’S Brian Windhorst recently revealed, “Philadelphia right now has positioned itself to be a big free-agent player. I guess Philadelphia could swoop in and go after [Paul George] or [Kawhi Leonard].”

This is not just interesting but funny too given the fact that Kawhi once hit a buzzer beater over Joel Embiid in a 92-90 victory over the Philadelphia Sixers on a game 7 of the Easter Conference semifinal series.

Kawhi Leonard one of the best offensive as well as defensive players of the league, will be a top contender whom the Sixers would love to add to their team. Kawhi a two-time NBA finals MVP and multiple time all-star would bring a wealth of skills to the Sixers. With Kawhi’s shooting and scoring abilities and Joel’s size and dominance the 76ers might end up being a nightmare for the other NBA teams. Both Kawhi and Joel have their own unique abilities and if they play together then Philadelphia might get blessed with a championship trophy.

Another popular name on the Sixers radar, is Paul George Aka “Playoff P.” Although criticized heavily for his upsetting Playoff performances, people cannot help but call him a superstar because he really is one. He does excellent work on both ends of the court and often delivers stunning performances. He averaged 23.8 points, 6.1 rebounds and 5.1 assists last season.

While his stats speak for themselves, he too has had his share of injuries including shoulder surgeries. Still pairing up one of the most versatile guards in the NBA with one of the most skilled and dominating center of all time might make Philadelphia a formidable opponent for the other teams.

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George’s fitness in question after limited playing time together

The Los Angeles Clippers team is a promising team with a lot of potential. The team consists of the dynamic duo of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard. Despite their enormous talent, the duo’s ability to dominate has been hampered by injuries and limited playing time together. As the new season is about to begin, the question about the fitness of Leonard and George remains unanswered casting a shadow of uncertainty over the Clipper’s desire of winning a championship.

Leonard has been plagued by knee and leg injuries which have kept him sidelined and made him unable to play. Leonard missed the entire 2021-2022 season as he was suffering with a torn ACL while George played only 47 out of 82 regular season games due to his injuries.

Do you think bringing Paul George or Kawhi Leonard to Philadelphia is a good move? Answer in the comments below.

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