“Basketball is no longer my priority but I deserve the max”: LeBron James hater blasts Kyrie Irving following $126 million Mavericks deal

With Kyrie Irving and his growing presence all over the news headlines, it is no surprise that the baller has come under the spotlight yet again. The best part of the NBA off-season has begun yesterday, and the controversies are only beginning.

With the free-agency window open, the arena has witnessed multiple big moves, and Kyrie Irving is no stranger to them. Since the Maverick’s elimination from the playoffs, rumor mills were busy rolling about the player joining LeBron James and co. at the LA Lakers. 

Kyrie Irving returns to Mavericks with $126 million 3-year deal

On the very first day of the free agency window, all the hearsay came to an end with Kyrie signing a $126 million deal back with the Dallas Mavericks. This may also be the third time that the player will be teaming up with Seth Curry for Dallas, as the latter signs a two-year deal with the franchise.

Irving himself is a basketball prodigy, with amazing skills, high sports IQ, and outstanding playing abilities. He is genuinely one of the best point guards in today’s age. 

LeBron James

However, the problem is that he cannot simply concentrate on Basketball alone. He is now dividing his time and attention between conspiracy theory, activism, and of course, basketball. Although King James might have wanted a chance to play with him, things will have to be shelved for a while. 

Skip Bayless claims “Lakers wanted no part” of Kyrie

Although the rumors of Irving joining hands with the Lakers has come to an end, columnist Skip Bayless has announced his belief regarding the situation, saying there is definitely more than what is already apparent.

Fox Sports 1 analyst Bayless has claimed that the Lakers would never have extended an offer to the player, only to avoid the “drama” that he brings. With Kyrie publicly attesting that “basketball isn’t his top priority anymore,” per reports, he thinks that LBJ and the team would not entertain such opinions from interested players. 

As the controversy’s favorite child, it seems that Kyrie Irving would not have been among the top choices for the Lakers anyway. But, his stint with the Mavericks must be watched out for.

It is quite possible that his team-up with Seth the third time around might bring about something big, It will also be a treat for all to witness how the free agency works out this off-season as well. 

What do you think about Irving’s signing with the Dallas Mavericks?


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