Bengals step forward to organize “Black Friday” NFL game every year at Cincinnati

The Cincinnati Bengals always work to elevate their team name in any way they can, and most recently they expressed their desire to do so by hosting the Black Friday game on a regular basis.

After finishing the regular season with a 12-4 record, the Cincinnati Bengals intend to be one of the top two teams in the AFC once more this year and are hoping to win the AFC North for the third straight year.

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The Bengals are starting to organize a new game custom called “Black Friday Game” ever annually

The Bengals requested the NFL, and Mike North, the NFL’s vice president of broadcast planning, revealed in a Friday conference call with reporters that the Bengals team pushed for hosting a game on Black Friday every year at Cincinnati.

“The Cincinnati Bengals, for instance, raised their hand. They put their hand up and said, ‘You know what, we’re interested in Black Friday. Not just in 2023, how about as a tradition? We play in Dallas and Detroit on Thanksgiving every year, how about playing in Cincinnati on Black Friday every year?” he said.

According to him, the Jets’ game against the Dolphins was chosen as the first Black Friday game, along with contests between the Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants.

Thanksgiving game was first introduced by Lion’s owner, George A. Richards, who planned to haunt more spectators, and his tradition has persisted ever since. The Lions team is reviving the tradition of Thanksgiving Day in 1934. On the other hand, thanksgiving games have been a Thanksgiving tradition for the Cowboys ever since general manager Tex Schramm agreed to the holiday game in 1966 and perceived Thanksgiving as a way to increase the fanbase like the Lions.

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It has been an annual tradition for decades, but there is no formal contract stipulating that these two teams must compete every Thanksgiving.

It is not known till now that the NFL will want to shift the organizing team of the Black Friday game or if the authority will pick one team to host the event every year, yet just like the Thanksgiving tradition, the Black Friday game tradition will undoubtedly draw fans.  


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