Bengals team flight escapes near-death experience due to sudden engine failure ahead of Christmas Eve matchup vs Patriots

It seems Christmas Eve hasn’t been as joyful for the NFL world as it was supposed to be. Earlier, New York Giants team was caught in a gang-shooting incident, and yesterday, Cincinnati Bengals experienced another once-in-a-lifetime scare, near-death situation.

The Bengals had traveled to Gillette Stadium through Boston to face the New England Patriots. They began the game without any team competition, but the game took a 180-degree turn in the second half. Nonetheless, the Bengals managed to hold onto the victory.

What actually happened to the Bengals?

On the way back home, the Bengals team had gone through a horrific incident. The plane carrying them faced a technical fault which caused a permanent engine failure on the left side. However, the pilot performed a miraculous emergency landing on JFK international.

Later, the team had to wait for a new plane to reach home safely. Other passengers also had a memorable fright during the moment.

Cincinnati Bengals
Bengals plane forced to make emergency landing after being hit with apparent engine trouble on flight home (credit:CBSsports)

Several sources confirmed, the incident through social media, among them Mark Slaughter of WLWT broke the news first.

Kelsey Conway, the beat reporter of Cincinnati Bengals also shared news.

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