“Mandy rose to earn $1 million by Christmas”: How much money she makes now following her so-called Triple H’s First Fumble WWE release?

One of the most talked about events in the wrestling world recently has been the release of Mandy Rose following ‘Spicy Images’ uploaded on her Fantime page. Mandy is already known for her provocative appearance and persona in the WWE but apparently this time she crossed the limit.

Mandy claimed the women’s title in 2021 and went on to hold the title for an impressive 413 days. Finally, Roxanne Perez managed to defeat her but before Rose could even begin to contemplate her loss, she was cut from the roster. Fans were initially worried about her financial well-being but new information suggests, she is doing just fine.

How Much Money is Mandy Rose Making?

Recently, Rose’s agent Malki Kawa revealed that the former NXT champ had already racked up $500,000 dollars posting erotic pictures after her WWE release. As far as wrestler income goes, such high numbers are usually achieved or surpassed by only the biggest names in the industry.

Former WWE writer (2008-2010), Freddie Prinze Jr. spoke on the matter in his Wrestling With Freddie podcast where he said, “In what I think might be the first fumble that Triple H has had, they released Mandy Rose, the NXT Champion”

Currently, it takes $40 a month to subscribe to her Fantime. Mandy has 1 million followers on Twitter and 3.4 million followers on Instagram. The news of her move to Fantime was also spread by the media when they tried to cover the news of her release. Even if a quarter of her fans decide to follow her to Fantime, $500,000 seems like a rookie number.

What are the implications for Female Fighters/Wrestlers?

A worrying yet growing trend amongst female fighters and wrestlers is their tendency to move towards selling lewd content to make a living. MMA fans in general don’t show much interest in female fighters which results in low PPV buys and less payment.

In Wrestling too, female fighters often need to be sexualized to become marketable and even they don’t really reach stardom anywhere near the level of their male counterparts. But in sports like Tennis, women get paid handsomely.

This idea that a woman needs to challenge a man in every aspect of life is now leading many toward exploitation. And we would like to see things change for the better.


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