Middleweight veteran Deron Winn gets bitter message before Christmas

UFC has decided to cut another fighter in the pre-x-mas period. Usually, when the organization decides to cut fighters, they let go of multiple individuals. Only in cases of severe offenses do we normally see athletes being released.

Middleweight fighter Deron Winn seems to be an exceptional case as he too got cut solo without accusations of severe offenses.

Deron was scheduled to take on Julian Marquez on UFC Vegas 66 card. But the NAIA All-American pulled a Tony Ferguson and took a rough tumble at the UFC performance institute. He was injured enough to be sent to the hospital and his fight got canceled later.

Winn later addressed his fans on his Instagram, “Tuesday I got a phone call from Hunter Campbell and the UFC and I guess we decided to part ways.”

“He just explained some things to me about my resume and my career that adds up, but I also said a few things to try to defend myself and I just feel like this wasn’t the reason to let me go,” he further added.

But Deron wasn’t about to quit, “UFC will never define me or who I am as a person and a man. I do believe it’s a highlight of my life and something that I did and just another dream that I accomplished.”

The former middleweight concluded by saying, “I’m definitely willing to fight in the future.”


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How valid is UFC’s reasoning?

Since Hunter Campbell cited Deron’s UFC record as a catalyst for his dismissal, we too should analyze Winn’s previous bouts. The 33-year-old has lost 4 of his last 5 bouts. Between the 19-22 calendar years, 6 of his bouts have been canceled including 2 bouts against Phil Hawes. In the end, the match vs Phil did finally happen where the all-American lost.

So, we can safely say, the reasoning showed by UFC also has some level of validity to it. But other fighters had gone through worse times and still continued fighting for UFC so, Deron probably could’ve been given some more time.

The Missouri-born fighter has fought for Bellator and LFA-so we would like to wish him a quick recovery both physically and career-wise.

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