Bills QB Josh Allen’s girlfriend Brittany Williams faces unwarranted pressure from fans to publicly address their Breakup: “Release a PR statement”

After having a heartbreaking season by getting knocked out of the playoffs, Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen has another broken heart with his girlfriend, Brittany Williams.

Josh met Brittany for the first time when they were eight years old, and after a long distance, they reconnected later. She is a Pilates instructor and social media influencer; after their relationship went public, she took advantage of his online activity.

However, recently, there have been rumors of the Bills quarterback’s cheating, and the fans were surprisingly furious over his girlfriend.

Josh Allen

What happened between Josh Allen and Brittany Williams?

The 26-year-old has never been on the scandal radar, but this time he became the center of the juicy gossip among the netizens. The rumor suggests he was involved in a physical relationship with a bartender that got her pregnant, and now she is insisting the Bill star take the responsibility.

In this scandalous situation, his girlfriend seems to get some unwanted attention, but the majority of the fans appear to support her. Despite her release of any statement regarding the matter, her Instagram page doesn’t cover any relation with the two-time pro bowler, despite fans asking her to make a PR statement on the recent development.

As an online influencer, she needs to maintain a status for her fans and followers, and these types of things might taint her portfolio a little. Williams’ fans are extra cautious and do not want her to get any unwanted spotlight for Allen’s actions. Maybe that’s why the PR statement issue came up.

However, there’s always been another side to the story. Before jumping to conclusions, we need to wait for information before pointing a finger at someone. but no matter what way the water rolls, this type of stuff always gets uglier.

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