“Josh can’t do everything by himself”: Legendary QB Jim Kelly urges Bills to sign quality RB to help QB Josh Allen

The Buffalo Bills, once known for their four consecutive Super Bowl appearances under the leadership of Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly, have recently experienced a resurgence with current QB Josh Allen at the helm.

However, despite Allen’s impressive performances, the Bills have struggled to replicate their past success. Kelly believes that to truly unlock Allen’s potential and bring the team back to the top, the Bills must sign a quality running back to provide some much-needed support.

Since Josh Allen’s entry into the NFL in 2018, the Bills have not had a 1,000-yard rusher. While Devin Singletary showed promise as a running back, Kelly feels that he was underutilized.

With Singletary now playing for the Houston Texans, the Bills are left with second-year RB James Cook and newcomer Damien Harris, formerly of the New England Patriots. Kelly believes that a star running back could be the missing piece that helps Allen elevate the team’s performance.

How has the Bills’ offense evolved under Josh Allen?

Under Allen’s leadership, the Bills’ offense has been nothing short of impressive. Allen has consistently racked up over 400 rushing yards per season, at times carrying the entire offense on his shoulders.

However, Kelly cautions that relying too heavily on Allen could be detrimental in the long run. “Josh can’t do everything by himself.” Kelly said. Offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey has done a commendable job so far, but Kelly suggests that more balance in the offensive approach might be beneficial.

Jim Kelly

During Kelly’s time as the Bills’ quarterback, the team’s offensive success was not solely reliant on his passing prowess. The presence of Hall of Fame running back Thurman Thomas provided a balanced attack that kept defenses guessing.

Kelly believes that a similar balance in the current Bills’ offense, achieved by signing a quality running back or increasing carries for existing players, could take some of the pressure off Allen and lead to greater overall success.

What does the future hold for the Buffalo Bills?

The Bills have been consistently competitive in recent years, thanks in large part to the outstanding play of Josh Allen. However, as the team looks to return to the Super Bowl, questions about how to improve the offense persist.

Kelly’s insights into the importance of a strong running game offer a potential path forward for the team. Whether the Bills choose to pursue a star running back or adjust their offensive strategy to better utilize their existing talent, the ultimate goal is to provide their star quarterback with the support he needs to lead the team to victory.


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