Bills’ Safety Damar Hamlin sends heartfelt message to owner’s daughter following her mother’s cardiac arrest

Before the Wild Card round, Damar Hamlin made enormous headlines for his mid-game cardiac arrest. The incident was so horrifying that the match had to be forfeited. Hamlin was in critical condition, and following his terrible health condition, the NFL world prayed for his recovery.

Now that he is all good to go. Damar how much pain he and the people around him had to suffer. Hamlin might have suffered physical pain, but his family, friends, and people who admired him had to carry a massive load in their hearts as they were devastated by his health condition. Why would they not be? Hamlin is a great, kind-hearted man who contributes greatly to his community by providing toys to underprivileged children. 

A mother is a crucial part of any family; children cannot see their mother in pain. The Buffalo Bills co-owner Kim Pegula has suffered the same cardiac arrest since last June. With her critical condition, her daughter Jessie is going through a mental breakdown. 

Jessie, like Damar, is also an athlete; she plays Tennis, and after seeing Hamlin suffer in the field, she could not bear the pain in her chest anymore. She needed to express all the pain she had been carrying for nearly a year, so she wrote an essay titled “I Want to Talk to You About My Mom.”

In her essay, she starts by telling her reader about her inspiration, Damar, as she writes, 

“It all started in Australia after the incident with Damar Hamlin. I texted my husband, Taylor, that the situation with my mom was weighing on me. When can we start talking about it? When can I tell her story, my story, my family’s story? Everyone just keeps asking me. I really need to get it off my chest.”

After reading her piece, Damar Hamlin was “Hearfelt,” so he tweeted addressing the owner’s daughter, thanking her for sharing her story. 

What did Damar Hamlin tweet?

Hamlin, in his tweet, wrote, “Heartfelt… Thank You, Jessie, for sharing & allowing yourself to be vulnerable in front of the entire world. 🌎💕🫶🏾 We Are With You!”

Going through similar circumstances, Damar knows what family members go through in situations like these, so it was great on his behalf to show his support to Jessie Pegula. This might not solve her issue, but it will let her know that she is not alone and that there are people ready to support her in her darkest times.

If you are also interested in reading Jessie’s piece and showing your support to her, then click here




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