Watch: Eagles’ RB Miles Sanders tributes Bills’ S Damar Hamlin by rocking special cleats at practice

The name Damar Hamlin has been echoing throughout the season. The final regular season week of the NFL became a grim place after the Bills vs Bengals game was abandoned due to the sudden cardiac arrest of Hamlin. 

Afterward, fans and athletes from around the globe shared their prayers for the player on social media.

While Damar’s news broke out, people started to learn more about the Bills’ safety and his pure intentions- helping out deprived children with his “Chasing M’s Foundation Community Toy Drive” found on the “gofundme” website. 

Since then, football players, fans, and well-wishers, in general, have paid tribute to the player.

Even now, after the Bills are out of the tournament, Miles Sanders is paying tribute to Damar Hamlin with his new special cleats. Sanders came to practice with the new cleats, and the Eagles RB shared a video wearing the Damar Hamlin special edition shoes in his Instagram stories.

What did the video show?

The video was about tributing to Hamlin, as you can find a photo of Hamlin inside a heart on one of the cleats. The other wears jersey No. 3, which is Damar’s number. On the left cleats’ right side, the famous “Did we win?” quote is written- Hamlin, after getting his senses back in the hospital, asked the doctors whether his team won against the Bengals. The back of each cleat reads “Chasing M’s,” the name of Hamlin’s charity, and “Love For Damar,” an ode to Hamlin, is tributed. 

Furthermore, Damar shared the video from his Instagram account and wrote, “Unreal Troob”, expressing his approval and love for the tribute. 

Damar Hamlin
Damar Hamlin re-shares Sanders’ tribute Instagram story.

It will be very interesting to see if Miles is wearing the special edition cleats when the Eagles take on the 49ers on Sunday. Even if Sanders is not allowed to wear the cleats in the match, fans will be eyeing the pair of beauties in an attempt to buy them.

Did you like the Damar Hamlin special edition cleats? Share your opinion in the comments.


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  1. Sanders & Hamlin should team together and get the cleats patent they will win BiG! World Wide. I got the greatest success insight for them.


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