LeBron James confirms rumors on leaked Liverpool jersey flaunting it inside the arena ahead of Lakers vs Clippers

On Wednesday, before setting a new NBA scoring record, LeBron James unveiled his new Liverpool partnership shirt.

James has now scored 40 or more points against all 30 franchises and became the first player in NBA history to achieve that after he defeated the Los Angeles Clippers with a 46-point performance on January 25.

The legend of the LA Lakers is now just 157 points away from breaking Kareem Abdul  NBA Jabbar’s scoring record, firming his place among the all-time greats.

James introduced a new shirt created in partnership with Liverpool prior to the game at the Crypto.com Arena since his affiliation with the club is valuable, especially in the United States.

The Nike-made shirt hasn’t been released yet, but it’s expected to be a limited edition item. However, fans may go divided after seeing the design of the shirt.

The shirt, which is black with red pinstripes and patterned lettering reading “YNWA,” is part of a new LeBron x Liverpool collaboration. James is also sporting a pair of Air Max 1s from the alignment.

LeBron’s logo, which takes the place of the Standard Chartered sponsor on the front, is accented in red, as are the LFC, Nike, and other logos on the shirt.

The label on it reads: “Engineered to the exact requirements of Liverpool FC & LeBron James,” and is fastened toward the bottom of the shirt.


James and Liverpool have been working together since the 38-year-old became a minority shareholder in the team as part of a contract with Fenway Sports Group in 2011.

When the ownership group sold shares to improve their position in the wake of the COVID pandemic, James became a partner inside FSG.

FSG is prepared to buy a new NBA franchise in Las Vegas, which will be overseen by James after he retires, even if there are plans to either sell Liverpool or look for additional investment into the club.


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