Chiefs’ QB Patrick Mahomes hits back vehemently to Bengals CB Mike Hilton’s “Burrowhead” taunt

The Chiefs will take on the Bengals on Sunday to decide the champions of the AFC. The match is like a rematch of last year’s event as the two teams face off again in the same tournament stage. Patrick Mahomes and his troops failed to stop the Bengals from hunting them down.

Joe Burrow, the quarterback of the Bengals, led his team to a famous victory in Arrowhead stadium.

Even though Patrick Mahomes had scored three incredible touchdowns and led his team to an eleven-point lead in the first two quarters, Burrow and the Bengals came back strongly as Joe scored two crucial touchdowns.

Burrow’s contribution in making a comeback was priceless, so the Bengals’ CB Mike Hilton has been trash-talking as of late, calling the “Arrowhead” stadium to be “Burrowhead” stadium.

Patrick Mahomes
Arrowhead or Burrowhead stadium?

Patrick Mahomes recently learned about Mike’s trash talk and slammed Hilton with a very sensible approach. Mahomes sat with 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City and expressed his thoughts on all the trash-talk that has circulated the AFC Championship game. 

What did Patrick Mahomes say?

Patrick Mahomes has matured enough, so he did not give any insulting replies; rather, he provides a straightforward answer that he and his boys would love to settle the matte on the field. So, Mahomes, in the interview, said, 

“I mean, trash talk is just kind of part of the game. I know our guys will be ready to go, and I’m glad we get to play at Arrowhead and see what happens.”

Mahomes has all the boxes covered, growing into a sensible player- who knows how to deal with trouble-makers. On the other hand, even though he got out of trouble while facing the mind games, it will be interesting to see how the quarterback and his troops handle a pack of “Bengal tigers” on the field.

Patrick Mahomes
One of the most awaited AFC championship showdowns- Chiefs vs. Bengals.

Can the Chiefs win this time around and settle last year’s score? Time will tell. Stay tuned for one of the most awaited AFC Championship matches.



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