Eric Spicely reveals shocking offer he received to participate in the Power Slap League

2023 has been so controversial for Dana White that the UFC president can utilize the Chinese naming scheme and label 2023 as the ‘Year of Controversy’ already.

First, he got into a slapping altercation with his wife, next fans got angry after footage of a horrific injury from a slapping tournament surfaced online. Now former UFC fighter Eric Spicely brings in more bad news regarding the promotion.

Dana initially got the inspiration for hosting an entire league based on the act of slapping from the Western Europe regions. People on those lands fight for comparatively low wages and don’t exercise much caution during tournaments. The ‘Sensible’ audiences of the United States didn’t take too kindly to such a brutal sport.

But that is not the end of persisting issues as the UFC has been criticized for a very long time over payment issues.

Recently Demetrious Johnson revealed the shockingly low amount of payment he received during his early days as a champion.

Even after ‘Mighty Mouse’ established himself as a proper champion, he still got a small amount of revenue from the UFC.

Now former middleweight Eric Spicely has added fuel to the fire by Tweeting, “I was contacted to do slap league, you guys would be shocked at how much it pays,” He later added, “First fight in the house was 2k ($2,000 to show) and 2k ($2,000 to win).”

What do the Tweets by Eric Spicely imply?

To be fair to Dana, we have to consider the fact that Spicely only won Two out of his Seven fights under UFC. Such performance doesn’t usually warrant a big contract but $2000 is just ridiculous. We would joke that Light-heavyweight contender Thiago Santos might be pulling all the strings behind such an insulting offer but ‘Maretta’ himself doesn’t fight for the organization anymore.

Power Slap fighters have to take straight slaps to the face and should something remotely close to CTE happen, they will struggle to meet the medical bills with such low payouts. We hope the payment issues get fixed soon.


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