Booker T glorifies ‘Old School’ Cody Rhodes for performing and entertaining amid injury

Professional wrestlers are no strangers to injuries. Damages to the body are an occupational hazard to them. Every now and then wrestlers get injured, and more often than not those injuries leave them incapacitated.  Even though some injuries can leave fighters handicapped enough to prevent them for fighting, some wrestlers just have the tenacity to perform with those injuries. One such recent example is WWE superstar Cody Rhodes who faced off against Seth Rollins with a torn pectoral muscle.

WWE’s Hell in a Cell PPV is one event the WWE universe really looks forward to. This year’s main event was a matchup between Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins. Whilst this rivalry ahs gone on for a while, this match was seen by many as the last dance of the narrative. But the anticipation soon became overshadowed as Cody Rhodes walked into the arena with a tear in his pectoral muscle. 

While this is an injury that would have left most people out, Cody showed tremendous mental fortitude to show up and put up a show for the fans. 

He has earned the respect of fans worldwide, and one such is WWE Hall of Faker Booker T. Speaking on the Hall of Fame podcast, “King” Booker said, ““Watching Cody Rhodes do his work with a torn pectoral muscle was unbelievable to say the least knowing what he was going through.”

“It just shows me what Cody Rhodes comes from, you know, as far as his DNA, what’s in his blood. Old school, that’s the way we did it back in the day. I can’t remember calling in and saying, ‘I can’t make it today’, let alone being in the main event. So for me, I got nothing but love, nothing but respect for Cody Rhodes for going out there, doing that, and putting his body on the line for what he loves. But more importantly, he was not going to let the fans down. He was gonna go out there and give the WWE Universe that right now is giving Cody Rhodes everything, they are giving him every ounce of love to keep him going and to let him know that, ‘Hey, we appreciate you.’”

The Story Continues

While seemingly people thought that following Hell in a Cell, the feud between Rhodes and Rollins would be over. That seemed like the case on Monday Night RAW when Rollins showed his respect for Cody and his efforts. But before the night ended, Rollins attacked the injured Rhodes around his pectoral region. 

The story is evidently not over, but we are unsure about the damages that the sabotage caused. How long Cody remains out also remains to be seen.

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