“If I’m in my zone, leave me alone!” Israel Adesanya expresses his annoyance with photographers in private events

UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya has expressed his frustration with people who take photos of him secretively.

When you are a champion of the stature of Israel Adesanya, you always be under the spotlight. Whether it’s your fans, paparazzi’, or journalists, someone or the other will always be there to take your picture. This tendency of people to follow you all the time can get quite annoying at times, and more often then not will be a disruption to your personal time.

In recent times, Adesanya  has been very vocal about needing more personal space, and being able to just do his thing without being followed every step of the way. He has received approval from a lot of other celebrities’ who feel overwhelmed by the media attention.

To take his advocacy a step further, the Middleweight King has taken a step further. He posted a video on Twitter showing iconic rapper Kanye West snapping when he catches someone recording him partying. Adesanya showed his support for Kanye but putting in the caption, “This is the energy I’m on. Stop that sly shit. If I’m in my zone, leave me alone!”

Adesanya is about to defend his crown for the sixth time against Jared Cannonier at UFC 276. He is considered by many as the best to have ever been at Middleweight. Although there will be inevitable rebuttals to those claims, a win over Cannonier will establish prolong his legacy even further.

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