Booker T humorously reveals the reason for Cody Rhodes owing him money

Cody Rhodes has become a beloved star in WWE, surprising many fans who did not expect him to achieve such popularity. After his unexpected return to WWE in 2022, the American Nightmare is dominating the company as the best babyface of the current era.

He has garnered the admiration of fans of all ages, particularly the younger generation. Recently, Hall of Famer Booker T claimed to have played a significant role in Cody Rhodes’ rise to stardom in WWE, and Rhodes owes him some money.

Booker T jokes about Cody Rhodes owing him money

Booker T and Cody Rhodes engaged in a memorable feud in 2011, which culminated in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs (TLC) match for the Intercontinental Championship at the TLC pay-per-view. The feud was notable for its compelling storyline and high-quality matches, and it helped to establish Rhodes as a rising star in WWE.

During a recent appearance on the Kurt Angle Show, Booker T discussed Cody Rhodes’ remarkable growth and success in WWE. Booker T jokingly claimed credit for Rhodes’ rise, suggesting that Rhodes owes him a check for his contribution.

Booker T
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Booker said, “You know, I feel like I was a big part of Cody’s rise. Like he owed me a check [laughs]. No, I saw something in Cody back then [working with him in 2011]. You know, when no one was really giving him a chance. I saw something in Cody Rhodes.

Because of his dad, I remember I was at one of the house shows, and I went out and I rocked it. Then I came back through the curtain and dusty go. They won’t put you on first. I was like, ‘Yeah, man.’ I loved Dusty, me, and Goldie, I mean, we don’t get too much tighter than Goldie, and Cody is the same way. Man.”

Cody Rhodes gets praised by Lex Luger

Cody Rhodes is widely regarded as one of the best professional wrestlers in the world. He has been praised for his in-ring skills, his promo work, and his ability to connect with the audience. Rhodes is also a gifted storyteller, and he has been involved in some of the most memorable feuds in recent wrestling history.

Lex Luger and Cody Rhodes
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Lex Luger former WWE star’s praise is just a further testament to Rhodes’s star power. He mentioned, “I’m a huge Cody Rhodes fan. He has a sense of history in the business from his upbringing, with his family being [a] multigenerational wrestler. He respects it, and just the way he carries himself, he’s just got that modern-day term … he’s got the rizz. He’s got it. He’s got the confidence and charisma.”

The wrestling veteran also addressed the much-anticipated rematch between Rhodes and Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40. Their previous feud in 2022 left a lasting impression on fans, and many believe a rematch is inevitable.


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