Daniel Cormier Calls Out Jake Paul to Fight Anderson Silva If He Wants to Be Considered ‘Real’

Former two-weight UFC world champion and MMA personality Daniel “DC” Cormier has advised Jake Paul to challenge Anderson “the spider” Silva to a boxing match instead of an aging and injury-ridden Micheal Bisping. DC says that if Jake Paul wants to make a second career out of boxing, he should be challenging the still active Silva.

Cormier, in a video posted on his YouTube channel, breaks the career path of Jake Paul down. He compares Jake (given the fact he is trying to become a legitimate fighter) to any other younger boxer. But with the added pressures from his previous successful career as a YouTuber and internet personality.

DC points out that every young boxer has to find easy fights to pad their overall records. But since Jake Paul has a much higher profile than that of an average boxer, he needs to find easy fights which are on his level of fame.


Cormier has further stated that if Paul wants to be considered “real” then he must focus on fighters who are easy but also who will possess more of a challenge to him. DC advises Paul to challenge arguably the best middleweight of all time, Anderson Silva to a boxing match. Silva matches every criteria that Paul is looking for in a fighter, namely fame, age, money, and most important of all: Activity. DC has lamented Silva as more of a fight that makes sense for Paul since Bisping has been riddled with injuries and is, of course, missing an eye.



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