“Humble but Too Confident” Grizzlies PG Ja Morant Takes a Shot at Minnesota Timberwolves over Their Loss at Playoffs

After a ‘sh**ty’ performance in Game 1, Memphis Grizzlies fought back with a roaring score of 124-96 (28 points difference) against Minnesota Timberwolf on Tuesday night. After winning the game, Point Guard Ja Morant disses the Timberwolf team tweeting ‘Humble but too confident’.

After losing on their home field, Grizzles were devastated by their performance along with their Coach, Taylor Jenkins who thought the game was too disturbing for them. The last 72-hours were spent pinpricking on their performance and self-criticisms. 

Nevertheless, they were able to save their image in this game with the leadership of Ja Morant. he led the team with 23 points with additional 15 assists and more. 

After the match, the PG celebrated the win by dis-tweeting the Timberwolf team saying they were humble but too confident to win. this chaotic tweet created a debate among the fans dissing and roasting back Ja Morant. 


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