Brock Lesner vs Cody Rhodes feud to culminate at SummerSlam with reports indicating stipulation match being discussed

We are about to see a catastrophic encounter of Brock Lesner vs Cody Rhodes, two behemoths of the squared circle, in the exciting world of WWE, where muscles clash and egos collide. With their electrifying head-to-head series standing at one win apiece, the stage is set for the ultimate rubber match at SummerSlam.

Following his heartbreaking defeat to Lesnar at Night of Champions, the resilient Cody Rhodes wasted no time in issuing a daring challenge to the Beast Incarnate. With a defiant glimmer in his eyes, Rhodes threw down the gauntlet, demanding Lesnar show up whenever, wherever, for an all-out war.

Brock Lesner vs Cody Rhodes


Lesner vs Rhodes 3 set for Summerslam

Mark your calendars, wrestling fanatics! The battleground for this explosive clash of titans has been set—SummerSlam, to be held at the Grand Ford Field on Saturday, August 5. Get ready to witness an extravaganza that will make the ring tremble with the thunderous roars of the WWE Universe.

The electrifying rivalry of Brock Lesner vs Cody Rhodes began in spectacular fashion on RAW after WrestleMania 39. Rhodes, determined to etch his name in the annals of wrestling history, had his sights set on conquering Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. Alas, fate had other plans, as the treacherous Solo Sikoa interfered, derailing Rhodes’ dreams of glory.

But that’s not all! Lesnar, with a twisted sense of camaraderie, extended a deceptive hand to Rhodes, proposing a partnership to take on the notorious Bloodline. Little did Rhodes know that this was merely a ruse, as Lesnar savagely attacked him, leaving him battered and broken even before the match began.

Revenge was a dish served cold for the American Nightmare as he triumphed over Lesnar at Backlash, proving his mettle in the ring. However, the Beast Incarnate’s thirst for vengeance knew no bounds, as he subjected Rhodes to the excruciating Kimura Lock, causing him to pass out in agony at WWE Night of Champions.

A rare stipulation match is to be held at the PLE

The anticipation is palpable as Rhodes vows to be prepared for the battle of his life. Will Lesnar accept the challenge and step into the lion’s den? According to our insiders, a jaw-dropping stipulation match is in the works for this monumental showdown. The insider tantalizingly hints at a rare and thrilling twist that hasn’t graced the WWE stage in quite some time. The anticipation is mounting as we wonder what creative gem the masterminds behind the scenes have concocted.

We’re in for something special, something extraordinary!  As we eagerly await the grand SummerSlam spectacle, the burning question lingers in the air: What is the rare and sensational stipulation that will push Brock Lesner vs Cody Rhodes to their limits? The anticipation is maddening, but fear not, fellow fans, for the creative minds behind the scenes are brewing something truly special. Get prepared for a memorable stipulation that will be the topic of discussion for years to come!

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