Broncos’ HC shares brutally honest advice to QB Russell Wilson to shift focus from Russell Inc. to ‘salvage’ his NFL career

NFL team Denver Broncos is having their fair share of chaos as their newly appointed Head Coach Sean Payton shares a brutally honest advice meant for Quarterback, Russell Wilson.

Sean Payton is widely known as a Super Bowl Winning Head Coach and was appointed by the Denver Broncos in 2023. Payton has some advice meant for Broncos Quarterback Russell Wilson that concerns his career as Wilson had his worst NFL season last year.

What did Broncos’ HC say about Russell Wilson? 

Denver Broncos’ new Head Coach Sean Payton has made some blatant comments for his Quarterback Russell Wilson.

“Will you f**king stop kissing all the babies?” Payton told Wilson. “You are not running for the public office.” Other than the resurrection of Denver Broncos reputation, Coach Payton wants to resurrect Russell’s NFL career as well. 

Sean Payton’s goal is to bring back the Broncos from the slump that they have been in since 2022 and that includes bringing his Quarterback Russell Wilson back on the winning track.

The 59-year old head coach had straight up warned his quarterback that in Order to “salvage” his career, he has to “leave Russell Inc.” 

Sean Payton is widely known for his straightforward opinions, and it is no surprise he was harsh to Wilson for the QB’s own good. Russell Wilson had been one of the top quarterbacks in the field and a nine Time Pro Bowler but since 2022, the spark has left his NFL career – leaving him as only a shadow of his former self. 

What is Russell Inc?

Sean Payton used the phrase “Russell Inc” to refer to Russell Wilson’s side ventures that he has been conducting for quite some time. Wilson is seen as something of an unofficial spokesperson for NFL and garners a close relationship with NFL commissioner Rodger Goodell. Clearly it seems that the QB is more focused on his businesses outside the field, and Payton is absolutely against the idea.

Wilson’s actions have had serious impacts on his NFL career and his new head coach is not ready to accept such kind of behavior.

Russell Wilson
Broncos’ QB Russell Wilson (via Google images)

With Sean Payton’s presence at the helm, things seem to be turning around for the Broncos. If he can rejuvenate Wilson’s on-field performances, it will work out for the better of the team.

Russell Wilson is known for having the most wins as a quarterback in his first seven seasons of NFL. Wilson is one of the five quarterbacks with more than 75 wins in his career. He has the 2nd highest passing touchdown percentage which 6.0% and 27 game winning drive. 

What are your thoughts about Sean Payton’s comments on his star QB? Share your take with us below.

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