Broncos QB Russell Wilson once accused by Joseph Fauria of stealing his girlfriend before apologizing: “enjoy her”

The NFL world is full of relationship controversies because as much as the players’ professional lives are analyzed, their personal lives are scrutinized similarly. One such recent controversy in the NFL includes Tom Brady’s rumored relationship with Kim Kardashian. Similarly, in 2014, a relationship controversy sparked involving Joseph Fauria accusing Russell Wilson of stealing his girlfriend. 

Joseph Fauria is a former football tight end who accused the Broncos quarterback of having a secret affair with his then-girlfriend. However, the situation took a surprising turn and he instantly apologized to both of them. Let’s dive into the enticing details of this twisted relationship controversy of NFL history. 

When Joseph Fauria accused Russell Wilson of stealing his girlfriend and then apologized

In 2014, Joseph Fauria was dating Veronica Lane, whose real name is Erika Ann Hammond. Fauria might have started having doubts about his girlfriend as one day he posted a tweet in which he wrote “Enjoy her” tagging both his girlfriend and Russell Wilson. The former tight end publicly accused the quarterback and Erika of having a secret affair while he was still dating Erika. He also wrote, “She had me thinking she was a loyal GF.” 

Russell Wilson

The 33-year-old also tagged Brennan Clay in the tweet writing, “I almost feel you.” At that time Clay had accused his wife Gina D’Agostini of cheating on him with his teammate, DeMarco Murray. The former tight end found himself in the same position as Murray as he felt that his girlfriend had also cheated on him with an NFL player. Therefore, he wrote that he almost feels his pain.

Within 14 hours of posting his first tweet, he posted another tweet stating that he misunderstood the situation. Before his girlfriend or Wilson could respond to this situation, Fauria deleted the tweet and released a statement apologizing to both of them. 

“I apologize for what I said last night. I make mistakes. I didn’t have all the facts & emotions got the best of me.”

Russell Wilson

Although Fauria didn’t share any details about this matter, fans speculated that he must have misunderstood the situation. The Broncos quarterback never talked about this matter and he never got together with Erika which proved that nothing was going on between them and Fauria’s accusations were wrong.

Who is Russell Wilson’s wife Ciara? 

Russell Wilson is married to Ciara who is a famous American singer and dancer. She is quite popular and has won multiple awards in her career. Her first famous album was Goodies which was released in 2004 and was nominated for the Grammys. 

Today she is a popular pop star and also a Grammy Award winner. She is also a brand ambassador of Revlon. The singer met the QB in 2015, and the two started dating. They got married on July 6, 2016, in England. Both have been together since then and have three children together. 

Russell Wilson

Although Joseph Fauria publicly accused Russell Wilson, his accusations were proven to be completely false, as Erika and Wilson never got together, and the way Fauria instantly apologized about the situation also shows it was a mere misunderstanding. 

In the end, this relationship controversy remains a mystery, as no one ever got to know why Fauria accused Erika and Wilson, and even if he had accused them, then why he instantly apologized for his comments. Now, the Broncos quarterback is happily married to Ciara and this controversy remains a part of history.

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