Browns star Deshaun Watson slams critics questioning his abilities as QB: “People know who I am”

The Cleveland Browns star quarterback Deshaun Watson, a polarizing figure in the NFL due to his controversial off-field issues, fired back at the critics for taking digs at his abilities on the field.

The Browns enrolled Watson in their roster by finalizing a trade with the Houston Texans for first-round picks in 2022, 2023, and 2024 as well as a 2023 third-round pick and a 2024 fourth-round pick, notably the QB was already facing 22 civil lawsuits filed by a woman accusing him of sexual assault or misconduct during massage sessions.

How did Deshaun Watson defend himself against the critics following consecutive poor performances?

In his recent surprise appearance on Twitter Spaces, the Browns veteran star Deshaun Watson opened up about the fact of not getting recognized the way he once was and noted only judging based on the six games he played at the end of the 2022 season as a major factor behind it.

“You can’t define my career off of six games. That’s how it be when kind of things don’t go your way and you know people have their own opinions”, he stated.

Deshaun Watson

Watson cited optimism to bounce back in the league and took a subtle jab at the critics saying fans know his abilities on the field.

“But like I said, I’m gonna keep a smile on my face. I’m gonna keep showing love, and none of that stuff is gonna break me, man. I am who I am and people know who I am”, he added.

The Browns QB later drew the example of the Philadelphia Eagles winning the Vince Lombardi trophy, despite being an underdog in the league, and stated the same thing might repeat this year too.

“Who knew Philly was gonna go to the Super Bowl and do what they did? Nobody did. I felt like we did when we practiced against them, because they were legit. . . . So we knew they were gonna have a lot of success. But the outside world, they wasn’t talking about Philly. And it’s gonna be another team this year”, Deshaun said.

The host of the Space projected the Browns to grab the Super Bowl this year and the two-time AFC Offensive Player of the Month didn’t halt back from confidently responding to the projection citing, “Yeah, exactly.”

Deshaun Watson

Deshaun also discussed his relationship with the Browns’ newly acquired wide receiver Elijah Moore on the space and the chemistry he is trying to build with him to take him out of the “toxic situation” with the New York Jets.

After facing the 11-game suspension for violating the NFL’s Player Conduct Policy, the 27-year-old appeared on the field for the first time in nearly two years and couldn’t prove his worth after a blockbuster trade, leading the Browns to finish in last place in their division for the 14th time in the last 20 years.

Watson might need a fresh start to prove his critics wrong and show the league what he is truly capable of. Fans and analysts alike will probably be keeping a close eye on the young star in the upcoming games, eager to see if he can back up his words with action on the field.


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