“Gonna be a future champion”: Song Yadong KO victory over Ricky Simon at UFC Vegas 72 stunned fans

Song Yadong gets a remarkable triumph tonight to go back on the winning track. MMA fans from all over the world were astounded by his lopsided victory and they were quick to congratulate the Kung Fu Kid for the impressive feat. 

At tonight’s UFC Fight Night event headlining Song vs. Simón, Yadong faced Ricky at the UFC Apex facility in Enterprise, Nevada, Las Vegas Metropolitan Area. The fight was scheduled to take place last week but got canceled in the last moment but better late than never, right?

In the second minute of the fifth round, the Chinese prospect defeated the hometown hero via technical knockout. Simon’s five-fight winning streak was broken by Song’s utter dominance. 

How did fans react to the TKO victory of Song Yadong on Twitter?

Alex Beausoleil appreciated the effort put by both fighters as he said, “Song came with a great game plan and executed. Great performance by both fighters.” 

“Song drops Simon again with the same shot in the 5th round and got the finish. Song Yadong’s striking is smooth and he showed solid takedown defense.” another user commented. 

Oscar Blanco expressed his surprise at the incredible performance of Song by saying, “This kid is a problem. So much talent and such a beautiful, fluid style. It’s a pleasure to watch him fight.”  

“Seeing his TD defense tonight really made me appreciate how well Corey mixed his game together when he fought Song.” said Alex. 

O Neto is considering Song as a big fighter for the bantamweight division in the future as he said, “What a boxing! He knows how to refuse a takedown. He’s such a prospect.” 

“Song is a PROBLEM. That dude is only like 25 and putting on great performances in such a talent filled division.” another user said. 

According to Tonio, the 25-year-old Chinese fighter is going for title shot really fast, as he said, “Song is only 25 years old lmao. This will be his division once he wins a title very soon.” 

“I thought Simon would have controlled him for a decision. Song dominated that fight. Incredible performance.” a user commented

“Song committed two headbutts and one low blow. Another case can be made of a clash of heads impacting the fights. Of course herb Dean never says anything in fights so what can you do.” said Jon Contreras.


What are your thoughts on tonight’s UFC Fight Night match between Song Yadong and Ricky Simon? Let us know what you think in the comment section? 

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