UFC star Jamahal Hill revealing how he got his moniker from Beyonce song

Most mixed martial artists and other combat sportsmen are known by their ring names or aliases. Jamahal Hill is not an exception; he recently explained the origins of his unique moniker, “Sweet Dreams.”

An MMA fighter’s nickname is a significant component of their resume since, in most cases, the name is accompanied by an intriguing backstory that reveals a great deal about the fighter.

There is no one right way for a nickname to originate; nevertheless, the majority of the time, the fans are the ones who come up with the moniker, or the athlete themselves come up with a name for themselves.


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When Jamahal Hill first began his career in mixed martial arts in 2010, he, like many others, did not have a nickname chosen for himself. Hill reveals that he was immediately driven to come up with a name when he was filling out the paperwork.

“In 2010 I was fighting my first amateur fight and I didn’t have a nickname. We were sitting down… Filling out the paperwork, they asked for a fight name. I’m sitting here trying to think and then the Beyonce song, “You can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare,” came on and one of my teammates was like, “You should be sweet dreams.” It kinda stuck from there… The universe provided it,”

After almost a decade, Sweet Dreams joined the UFC. As part of Dana White’s promotion, he fought Alexander Poppeck in his first bout in 2019.

Since then, the American fighter has competed in nine bouts and has only suffered a single defeat. Hill won the UFC light heavyweight title with a victory over Glover Teixeira at UFC 283 on January 21.

Twelve years into his professional MMA career, the 31-year-old Hill is still fighting under the alias “Sweet Dreams,” which he came up with on the spot.

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