Bucs fires offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich following NFL wildcard round defeat

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were awfully humiliated in the Wild Card match against the Dallas Cowboys, losing the game 14-31. It would have no deal if the Bucs lost the match fighting hard; however, losing a game with a margin of seventeen points is unacceptable, especially when the team has a solid offensive lineup and the legendary quarterback Tom Brady on the team.

After this shocking defeat, many fans pointed out that the Bucs, throughout the tournament, could not fire much with their offense, and they only managed to reach thirty points once in their entire regular-season campaign.

Other than that, in three instances, the Buccaneers faced heavy defeat and only managed to score single-digit points against the Titans, the Panthers, and the 49ers.

With such poor performances, their offensive coaching is being questioned. Bray Leftwich coordinates the team’s offense, and so many fans are expecting him to be fired. Few sources, including Pro Football Focus, have claimed the coach to be fired. 

Byron Leftwich
Pro Football Focus claims Byron Leftwich to be fired.

Pro Football Focus says in their Facebook post, “The Buccaneers have fired offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich.”

Was Byron Leftwich really fired?

Even though many sources are claiming the offensive coach to be fired, the Buccaneers team has not confirmed such statements. Although the team wanted to fire the coach during the mid-season, they did not and went on to keep him throughout the entire season. 

Now that the Bucs are out of the playoffs, the team has no reason to keep him, especially after so many humiliating defeats. However, some fans are taking his side and are claiming that the Buccaneers are using him merely as a “scapegoat.” Moreover,  fans claim instead of Leftwich, Todd Bowles, the head coach, should be fired. 

On the other hand, many fans criticized Tom Brady in the comments of Pro Football Focus’ post saying that it was all his fault for losing the Wild Card match and so coach Byron should not be fired.

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