Bucs set to rock classic Creamsicle jerseys once again vs Lions in 2023 NFL season

This NFL season might experience many changes across various fields within the league and this time it is about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers making big decisions.

Last season the Bucs were everywhere after facing a humiliating defeat in the Wild Card round against the Cowboys and later losing the NFL GOAT Tom Brady in retirement. However, this time around they are in the spotlight for bringing back something from the past. No, Tom Brady is not coming back but their iconic uniform might be!

Are Bucs bringing back the Creamsicle uniforms?

The Creamsicle uniforms of the Buccaneers were regarded as the most unique and iconic uniforms within the league and fans loved to see the Bucs fight wearing this classic color.

Finally, the iconic uniforms are waiting to make a solid return on the NFL grounds after a long time. As per reports, the team will wear the jerseys on their week-6 game against the Lions on October 15th,2023.

The wait of the dominant NFL team’s fans is finally over as they can very soon see their team in that outfit. On this issue, Bucs’ chief operating officer Brain Ford said, “The return of our beloved Creamsicle Uniforms for this special game is something that our fans have been passionate about for many years”.

When was the last time the Bucs wore Creamsicle?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers used to wear their iconic Creamsicle jerseys from 1976 to 1996. In 1997, the team decided to bring changes to the color of their jerseys so they rescind Creamsicle. But after dumping the color, they were receiving an immense response from their fans to bring it back.

So, after much thought and discussions over the issue, they decided to wear that color only on special occasions from 2009 and kept doing so till 2012.

In 2013, NFL introduced its one-helmet rule, under which only one helmet color is allowed for the players. In the face of such regulation, Bucs had to dump wearing their classic jerseys on special occasions.

Then in 2021, NFL authorities banned their one-helmet rule allowing the Bucs to bring back their adored color. The Bucs and the Lions are each other’s long-standing divisional rivals as they used to compete in the NFC Central from 1977 to 2011.

So, what would have been the best occasion to bring back the classic jersey than at the time of locking horns with the old opponents?

Do you think bringing back the adored jersey will ignite energy in the Bucs to win their game against the Lions? Share your opinion in the comment section below.

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