NFL Injury News: Eagles QB Jalen Hurts sustains a severe bruising while playing in DeVonta Smith’s celebrity softball game

Jalen Hurts started his NFL adventure not so long ago but he is already a prominent star of the league. This quarterback of Philadelphia Eagles is former Alabama player and stepped into NFL in 2020. After showing up in DeVonta Smith’s celebrity softball game, the football encountered a horrible wound on his leg.

So, let’s find out more about the story and the accident really happened.

DeVonta Smith’s celebrity softball game wounds Hurts

After getting drafted by the Eagles, Jalen got his role as a starting quarterback from nearly the end of his rookie season. 2022 was the most prolific year of the football when he led his team to Super Bowl LVII.

In the NFC Championship game, the QB earned 304 yards and a touchdown while acquiring 70 rushing yards and three rushing touchdowns. His superb performance helped him to chop down the San Francisco 49ers in a 31-7 win and pave way to Super Bowl LVII to face the Kansas City Chiefs.

Although the Eagles couldn’t take away the winner’s trophy, the team understood the worth of their new quarterback very well and marked him as a jewel.

Jalen had always been very focused and competitive and doesn’t afraid to take plethora of risks to get things done. And he showed the same dedication while playing in the annual DeVonta Smith’s Celebrity Softball game.

The Eagles was so dedicated to the sport during the event that he didn’t think twice before sliding into the third base wearing shorts. And the result, as expected, he got some burns in his leg which almost left him bloodied.

Hurts was badly hurt and was spotted with deep scare afterward the incident.

NFL fans’ reaction to Jalen Hurts’ softball game Injury

The Pro Bowl has a solid fan base who are definitely no happy watching him bearing a burn. Since, the video of his sliding and running with injured leg surfaced on the internet, his fans are sharing their concerns over his fitness issue as they are worried about him.

One of the Phillies fan wrote, “ Watching my $250m QB1 slide in shorts was painful” while another wrote, “This post-game shower is going to be some of the worst pain ever felt”.

Well, Jalen Hurts is one of the most daunting quarterbacks of NFL right now and his uncompromising nature might help him to climb the ladder of ultimate stardom.

Let us know in the comments how you feel about Jalen Hurts’ dedication to the game and his unfortunate injury at DeVonta Smith’s celebrity softball game. Are you confident that he will overcome this setback and continue to ascend to greater heights in his NFL career? Share your thoughts below!

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