When Novak Djokovic revealed the reasons for his relief and gratitude over Lewis Hamilton’s career decision

Lewis Hamilton & Novak Djokovic, Nike & Jordan and Pixar & Disney, what do all of these have in common? They are some examples of the world’s greatest collaborations ever. Two titans of industries coming together for greatness. It’s always a treat when we get to see two legends in their respective sport come together.

Upon Novak Djokovic’s recent 23rd Grand Slam, we look back at the friendship shared between the billion-dollar man and the Djoker. However, this is not the first collaboration, back in 2018, we witnessed the 2018 documentary, The Game Changers which was produced by Hamilton and Djokovic (Executive Producers).

Novak Djokovic thanks Lewis Hamilton for choosing F1 over Tennis

In an Instagram post, Lewis Hamilton shared a picture of himself as a toddler wearing a t-shirt with the word “tennis” inscribed on it. Novak Djokovic was delighted that the F1 driver did not choose tennis as his sport after seeing the picture.

Djokovic’s commented on Hamilton’s post, “I love the t-shirt you got on your photo as a boy 😉🎾👍 By the way, good that you chose car racing instead of tennis.. otherwise, we all would be in trouble 😃.” The humorous comment made by Djokovic may have just shown why he is known as the “Joker” of tennis.

With 103 wins and 193 podiums, Lewis Hamilton just might be the greatest racer Formula One has seen in recent times and this is precisely why Djoker sarcastically mentioned that all tennis players were saved from this athlete whose tenacity is unmatched. Wherever he goes, he takes it by storm.

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Novak Djokovic encouraged Hamilton to become vegan

Lewis Hamilton is known for the causes he follows through and one of them is veganism which is inspired by Djokovic stated Hamilton in one of the interviews preceding the premiere of their documentary named “The Game Changers” which talks about the advantages athletes receive by following a plant-based diet. 

“Just look at Djokovic, that little bit extra that’s there, that people are reluctant to look into…” he was quoted by Esquire.

Lewis Hamilton's 'go-to' vegan snack he eats daily but used to hate

The time has come to start venturing into the world of plant-based diets as Morgan Mitchell, Lewis Hamilton, Novak Djokovic and many more are bearing the fruits of Veganism. 

We love to see it when two athletes across different domains come together and inspire each other to push themselves to the maximum. Reports suggest there would be more collaboration between Lewis Hamilton and Djoker soon. 


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