Jalen Hurts receives high praise from WR A.J. Brown for monumental Eagles contract: “So ecstatic for him, he deserves it”

The talented quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, Jalen Hurts has signed a contract extension worth $255 million over five years. It is a monumental contract extension that has solidified the future of the quarterback as a key figure in the Eagles’ organization. In this deal, Jalen will get $110 million at the time of signing, with a total of $179 million guaranteed in the event of injury. No doubt, Jalen Hurts is going to accumulate a lot of wealth. 

The NFL world has been praising the quarterback after the news of this contract broke out. One special person to praise him was his own teammate, A.J Brown. The All-Pro wide receiver talked about this matter during a media session emphasizing that Jalen truly deserves this contract. He deserves the recognition and the financial rewards he is getting.  

“So ecstatic for him, he deserves it,” A.J Brown said.

Jalen Hurts

This support highlights that Hurts has not only earned wealth but also has earned the respect and admiration of his teammates within the NFL.

Jalen Hurts prioritizes game over financial gains

Hurts also talked about this extension and revealed that his primary focus is on winning games rather than personal financial gain. By opting for a contract structure that allows the Eagles to allocate resources to strengthen the roster, Hurts demonstrates his commitment to the team’s success.

His decision to prioritize team success over personal financial gain is noteworthy, particularly in an era where lucrative contracts and individual statistics often take precedence. This decision is a reflection of his maturity and dedication to his work. No doubt his leadership qualities have made him a key figure in the team.

Jalen Hurts

The contract and all the praise that the quarterback is getting are well-deserved. He has proven himself to be a valuable asset both on and off the field with his expectational work ethic.

We all can’t wait to see Hurts play on the field and once again prove A.J. Brown’s words that he deserved this contract extension. 

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