Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes champions Kansas City as potential home for NHL team Arizona Coyotes

The team Arizona Coyotes has been uncertain about their future in the NHL for some time. The team has been struggling to find a permanent home arena. Amidst this all situation, Patrick Mahomes has expressed his support for Kansas City Chiefs as a potential new home for the Arizona Coyotes. This unexpected twist shocked everyone. 

Coyotes are currently playing their home games at Mullett Arena. It has a limited capacity of five thousand fans. The team had plans to construct a new area in Tempe. However, those plans were dependent on the approval of three propositions in a special election held on May 16.

All these three prepositions were rejected by the residents of Tempe. It has cast profound doubts on the team’s future in Arizona. Now the relocation of the team is possible and Patrick Mahomes took to Twitter to suggest that Kansas City could be a suitable new home for Coyotes, stating that the “Kansas City Coyotes has a nice ring to it.”

No doubt, this bold expression has ignited excitement among fans. But the NHL quickly downplayed any speculation of relocation. 

Patrick Mahomes’ proposition for Coyotes can’t be fulfilled right now 

Patrick Mahomes

Bill Daly, the deputy commissioner of NHL has confirmed that Coyotes will play at Mullett Arena for the upcoming season. Besides him, the president and CEO of Coyotes, Xavier A. Gutierrez also released a statement that Coyotes will stay in Arizona. 

Gutierrez shared their disappointment over the election results but was still grateful for the fans who supported the team. The Coyotes’ social media team conducted a Twitter poll to ask their followers which town in Arizona should be their new home arena. The options given were Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, and Gilbert. 

It again confirms that there are no changes of Coyotes joining Kansas City for now. While Kansas City may not be an immediate option for the Coyotes, Mahomes’ support has reignited discussions about the city’s potential as a future NHL destination. Kansas City already boasts successful sports franchises like the NFL’s Chiefs, MLB’s Royals, MLS’ Sporting Kansas City, and the NWSL’s Current. Adding an NHL team to the mix would further solidify the city’s reputation as a sports hub.

What other cities do you think would be a good fit for the Arizona Coyotes if they were to relocate in the future?Let us know in the comments section!

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