Chiefs’ QB Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany sparks speculation with deleted messages amidst Jackson Mahomes sexual battery case

Recently, the brother of Patrick Mahomes, Jackson Mahomes was arrested because of sexual battery charges. Neither Patrick nor his wife broke the silence on this matter. However, recently fans witnessed a weird activity on Brittany Mahomes’ social media account. She posted a few Instagram stories but deleted them within some time.

Some fans took screenshots of the stories before they were removed. Brittany shared such puzzling messages that left the fans wondering what she meant. 

Fans and observers have speculated that her messages may be related to Jackson’s sexual battery case, as neither Patrick nor Brittany Mahomes has publicly addressed the situation thus far.

What did Patrick Mahomes’ wife post?

Patrick Mahomes

One of the cryptic messages Brittany posted read, “As you get older, you start to understand the difference between friends and associates, family and blood, business and work, love and lust, want and need. And most of all what’s important and what’s not.”

The other message stated, “Unfortunately, a lot of y’all met me when I lacked boundaries and was a people pleaser. Let me reintroduce myself, I burn bridges as needed.” She followed this with the comment “sheesh” and a clapping-hand emoji.

Previously, Brittany had briefly addressed the situation before Jackson was charged and arrested. During an Instagram Q&A session, when asked about the criticism Jackson receives for his behavior as an influencer, Brittany responded by defending him. She called those criticizing him “ignorant” and asserted that he is a human trying to navigate his own life.

She also emphasized that unless someone has walked in his shoes, they have no right to pass judgment, suggesting that people should refrain from making negative comments.

Patrick Mahomes

It’s still unclear what was really the purpose of Brittany’s Instagram stories and why she deleted them. Until and unless Patrick Mahomes or his wife openly talks about this matter, fans will likely be left in speculation.

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