Ex-Bucs QB Tom Brady’s highly anticipated NFL return for Patriots’ home opener vs Eagles sends ticket prices skyrocketing

The New England Patriots’ home opener is super special this time especially because of Tom Brady. Patriots will honor their legendary quarterback. Tom Brady also confirmed this news a few days back by commenting on an Instagram post about this announcement. 

However, while fans were super excited to see Brady again in the Patriots home opener, the ticket prices have soared. The ticket has become one of the most expensive tickets of the season on resale sites. 

The price of a single ticket is currently $807, the most expensive ticket among all the other games in the 2023 NFL season. On Ticketmaster, the ticket price ranges from $626-$5,000. If you get tickets through Vividseats, the price ranges from $550-$18,660. On StubHub tickets are available at the prices of $510-$18,000. Astonishing, right? But it only shows how much fans are excited to meet Brady again in a stadium. The anticipation of the game has become ten folds higher.

Tom Brady

The reason that ticket prices have surged is the excitement and anticipation people have to once again see Tom Brady with the Patriots. He retired from the NFL, and being a fan favorite it’s no doubt people are eager to watch him again. 

Tom Brady will be honored by Patriots 

A few days back, the Patriots announced that they want to honor their former legendary quarterback. The owner of the team, Robert Kraft also complimented Brady and the time they spent together. 

Tom Brady

“I’m thinking that the NFL is over a century old and 20 percent of those years of the NFL, the greatest player in the history of the game played right here in Foxborough,” Kraft said about Brady while inviting him for the home opener. Fortunately, he accepted the invitation.

Even though the ticket prices are way too expensive and everyone might not be able to attend the game, you don’t need to get sad. Kraft hinted that there will be more such moments of celebrations which means we might again see The GOAT again with the Patriots. The way tickets are expensive, one thing is certain: the Eagles’ home opener is going to be legendary. 

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