Bulls’ Patrick Beverley claps back at NBA analyst’s “worst player” rant vowing to never forgive the disrespect

The Chicago Bulls guard Patrick Beverley has gone through a good deal of ups and downs in his career and has faced a handful of criticism on many occasions, and finally, he has the stage to respond.

NBA analyst Nick Wright was known for inaccurate and lame projections of athletes, and Patrick couldn’t hide from the analyst. During a show on ESPN, Nick commented on the Bulls guard as the worst player in the NBA and said he should leave the game.

Finally, he got back to the infamous sportscaster, delivered a perfect response to the previous comment, and demanded justice.

What did Patrick Beverley say about Nick Wright?

The 34-year-old appeared on his podcast, ‘Pat Bev Pod,’ and assessed the situation while expressing his feelings. “Nick Wright, on national TV, on ESPN, where millions and millions of people are watching, said, I should be out of the NBA. I have kids,” he started. “This is how I take care of my children and feed your family.”

“I watched this man sit on live TV and say I should be out of the NBA. He said he has the worst of this, the worst of that, and the worst of all three. Now give me your respect,” the EuroCup MVP continued.


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“If you’re down on me now, give me praise then. Everyone is quiet now. Everybody is crickets now,” Beverly became emotionally outraged. “This is how I feed my family, with this game. This is how I feed my family, my two boys, and my two girls.”

“I would never tell someone they shouldn’t be on ESPN; you worked your asses off for that, and I didn’t deserve that, man, to man. To put it on national TV, you don’t even know my story or what I’ve been through,” the 6.1-footer concluded.

The 2017 NBA Hustle Award winner has indeed seen the bottom of the barrel in his 15-year career. Though, the Los Angeles Lakers picked him in the second round of the 2009 NBA draft, and he got to wear the golden and purple jersey in October last year.

After defeating the Lakers on Sunday night, he finally got the confidence to face all the criticism he faced as he got back on track after arriving in Chicago in February. Prior to the game, he criticized the Lakers’ management and proved them wrong later on the court.

After joining the Bulls, he has scored on average 6.3 points with 5.6 rebounds and 3.7 assists per game in 16 appearances so far. The stat might not look shiny enough to write about, but it was worthy enough to let him play in the top flight of the American basketball leagues.

What’s your reaction to Patrick Beverley’s response? Isn’t he entitled to some respite and appreciation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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