Can football players bet on league games? exploring NFL’s strict gambling policy

The grandeur and entirety of the sporting world have ameliorated exponentially over the years. And along with that the practice of betting which is a concrete form of gambling on games has skyrocketed especially in leagues like the NFL.

And it is a common phenomenon when athletes themselves get exposed for engaging in such acts. This practice is harmful to the sacred aura of the sporting world and to the players who sometimes end up ruining their own careers by getting involved with such acts.

So, let’s find out more if football players can bet on league games or not centering NFL’s strict gambling policy.

Can football players bet on league games?

According to the official NFL rulebook, “All NFL Personnel are prohibited from placing, soliciting, or facilitating any bet, whether directly or indirectly through a third-party, on any NFL game, practice or other event.”

The statement itself makes it very clear that no matter what the NFL player can’t spoil their hands with the dirt of sports gambling.

What punishment NFL players get for betting?

The range of punishment varies based on the depth of the crime. From immediate suspension to a lifetime ban, all can be imposed on a footballer if he is found guilty of violating NFL codes.

A lifetime ban is the highest level of punishment for gambling which can ruin a player’s career for good.

What happened to Calvin Ridley?

Calvin Ridley on gambling that led to NFL suspension: 'In a dark moment, I  made a stupid mistake' - The Athletic

Calvin Ridley is a professional NFL player who plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars as their Wide Receiver. In 2022, he was suspended for an indefinite period from the league followed by his involvement with betting.

During the bet, he was not playing and that is why he faced less severe consequences. So, considering the depth of his involvement, he was later permitted to carry on playing.

Athletes are the epitome of positive energy in society and millions of people follow them as their idols. Therefore, they should stay away from any kind of heinous act which damages their reputation and gives the wrong message to the young generations.

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